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Projects Update

Waiting on Permissions/Other People

I  have sent in the permissions for Lady of the Sky: Hymns for Aset from Dendera.  We’ll see what they say.  I’m still waiting.

I have been compiling all the material for this book She Who Speaks Through Silence:  An Anthology for Nebet Het (Nephthys).  I am still waiting on some submissions.  Here are  the submission guidelines: Nebet Het Submission Guidelines

A Devotional for Ra and His Daughters:  Solar Flares and Sunbeams.  Here are the submission guidelines:  Ra and His Family Devotional

Other Works in Progress

An anthology for Aset/Isis: Mother of Magic: An Anthology for Aset.  This is a devotional for Aset.  I have some ancient prayers so far, an updated epithets list and a festival calendar. 

The tentative title is Lioness Goddess, Lioness Queen: An Anthology for Sekhmet. This a devotional for Sekhmet.  Right now, I have some ancient hymns and some modern poetry.  I also have a festival calendar and an epithets list.  I have to wait for the permissions to include some material.

I have another Ancient Egyptian poetry book in the works, called Nile, Sun and Moon: Poems for the Egyptian Gods.  I’m not too sure about the title.