Names and Epithets, Sarapis

Epithets of Sarapis

Epithets of Sarapis

Greek and Roman Epithets

  • Conservator Augusti–August Savior
  • Cosmocrator–Sovereign of the Cosmos
  • de Canope-of Canope
  • Epeekos–Who Listens to Prayers
  • Helios–sun god
  • Keraunios–Thunder or Thunderer
  • Pantheus–All God

English Epithets

  • Allocator
  • Beneficent One
  • Curator of Any of the Fleet of Alexandria
  • Glorious Lord
  • Glorious Lord, Sovereign of the Cosmos
  • Great One
  • Greatly Honored
  • Holy Lord
  • Holy Lord, Who Sings Numerous Times, Greatly Honored
  • Invincible
  • Living Eternally
  • Master of the Earth and the Sea
  • Master of the Earth and the Sea and all the Living World
  • Nourisher
  • Savior
  • Solar
  • Sovereign
  • Sovereign of the Cosmos
  • Sovereign of the Universe
  • Very Great
  • Who Listens to Prayers
  • Who operates with Good Courage
  • Who operates healing
  • Who Provides Wealth
  • Who Sings Numerous Times


  • Helios-Sarapis
  • Keraunios-Helios-Sarapis
  • Osiris-Sarapis
  • Zeus-Sarapis
  • Zeus-Helios-Sarapis
  • Zeus-Helios, Great Sarapis
  • Zeus-Sarapis-Helios


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