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Mut-Bast or Bast-Mut: Poem

Mut-Bast: Goddess of Women

by JewelofAset

I empower all women

For I am a Goddess

All Goddesses are the Goddess of Women

As We are Women too

Yet, as Hethert is the Goddess of Motherhood

And Procreation

I am not

I am the Goddess of Women

As Mothers, as Wives

But I am not The Mother

I am not The Wife

That is for Hethert

Not Me

I am with Mut

Who adopted Her son

I am the Lioness

The Cobra

The Fierce Protector of the King of the Gods

I am the Warrior Queen

I am Mut-Bast

I am Bast-Mut

I am the Cat,

Who slays the Serpent Enemy of the Gods

I am the Lioness,

Whose Anger is appeased in Isheru

I am the Wandering Lioness

I am the Guardian Cat

I am the one who protects

I am the one who destroys evil

I am the one who slays evil

I am protect My Father

I protect the King of Egypt, Male or Female

For I am the Goddess of the Double Crown

I am the Female King, like Hatshepsut

I protect Egypt and its People

For all eternity


I am with Mut

As the Lady of Isheru

As the appeased Goddess

I am the Goddess of Women

As the Lady of Beauty

Lady of Music, Lady of Dance

As the Lady of Childbirth,

Fertility and Protection of the Young

For all Cats protect their cubs


I blaze

I shine

I am the Bright Goddess

Lady of Sunbeams

I am the Sun Goddess

I am the Daughter of Ra

I am the Solar Lady

I am bright,

I am shining

I am blazing

As the Eye of Ra

As the protective Goddess

The Fierce Lioness

The Warrior

The Queen

As the nurturing Goddess

The Guardian Cat

Who protects Homes

Who protects Harvests

Who slays evil with Her blade


I am the Lady of Women

In beauty, in joy

In dance and music

In protection of children

Who grants fertility to those who ask

But, child

I am not Hethert

She is the Mother of the Pantheon

I am the Queen,

I am the Queen Mother

I am the Mother of the Gods

I am Mut-Bast and Bast-Mut

Wife of Amun-Ra,

Mother of Khonsu

Lady of Isheru, Queen of the Gods