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Bast (Bastet) is the cat headed or lioness headed goddess of protection, joy, beauty, dance, music, fertility, perfume, and the guardian of the home. She is the Wife of Atum or Ptah. She is the Mother of Ma’ahes, Nefertem, Anubis and Mafdet. Bast-Mut is a goddess formed from the two goddesses, Bast and Mut. Bast-Mut shares the attributes of both Bast and Mut. Bast-Mut is the cat headed goddess of royal power, protection, magic, music, perfume, motherhood and love. Bast-Mut is the Wife of Amun-Ra and the Mother of Khonsu. Within this book, you will find modern poems, rituals, prayers and ancient hymns to the goddesses, Bast and Bast-Mut.

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