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Books Update

Works in Progress

  • Lady of Sunbeams: Ancient Hymns for Mut.
  • Lady of the Throne: An Anthology for Aset.
  • Lady of the Sky: Ancient Hymns for Aset and maybe other Goddesses.
  • Lady of the Temple: Ancient Hymns for Nephthys (Updated and Expanded Edition).
  • Lady of Arrows: An Anthology for Neith.
  • Lady of the Library: An Anthology for Seshat.

I’m done with Mut’s book, but I’m waiting on a translation of a hymn.

For Aset’s book, I really want to contact a Beta reader to read it beforehand.

For Aset’s other book, I’m need more hymns. The book isn’t long enough.

For Nephthy’s book, I’m waiting on a book to be published to use as a source otherwise I’m done.

For Neith’s book, I’m still working on it. I am nearing the end.

For Seshat’s book, I’m waiting on permissions and on sources.