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Books Update

I don’t have enough hymns for my next hymnal book for Aset alone, so I made it into a compilation. I have hymns and inscriptions for Aset (Isis), Hethert (Hathor), Nebet Het (Nephthys), Nekhbet, Tefnut and Set (Seth). Most of the material in this book is for Aset, Tefnut and Set. The title of the book is now Beauty and Strength: Ancient Hymns for Egyptian Gods.

I changed the title of my Mut book. It is now called Sunbeams Fall From Her: An Anthology for Mut.

I’m still working on Lady of Arrows: An Anthology for Neith and Lady of the Library: An Anthology for Seshat. I’m also working on Lady of the Throne: An Anthology for Aset and Lady of the Temple: Ancient Hymns for Nephthys (2nd Edition).