Aset Oracle: Mantle of Priesthood

The Mantle of Priesthood
by TahekerutAset

The First Maxim of being a Priest or Priestess is to Know Yourself

The Second is to Serve your Gods

What are you doing, dear child?

What are you doing?

You cast Us away and push Us aside.

You do not integrate Us into your life.

You leave Us in shrine as if We are only located there.

We are everywhere.

Let Us in.

Let Us in.

We are interwoven through the World and through the lives of Our Priests.

We are everywhere.

Not just in shrine.

When it gets to be too much, tell Us.

When you need a break, let Us know.

These are your boundaries.

Know them and We will work within them.

A broken Priest serves no one.

A half-assed Priest serves none.

Know who you are and what you want.

Know who you are and what you want.

Know who you are and what you want.

In all you are

In all your parts

Align your souls.

Align your ka, ba and heart.

Align all the elements.

Align your souls in anyway you can.

And know who you are.

If you have not forgiven yourself for past mistakes,

or purged your self-loathing or doubt or fear.

If you have not faced down the darkest parts of your souls,

ripped them from their roots and burned them clean away

through flame;

If you have not cleansed or cleaned out your soul

through a flood of tears that drown your very heart

If you have not been through the crucible of Set,

or the transformation of Aset,

then how do you know who you are?

The ritual is not enough.

They do not know who they are in order to perform it.

They come to you asking for this mantle, this job, this honor,

not knowing what it means.

Not knowing what it means.

Not knowing what is expected.

Not knowing what is being asked or accepted.

A weekend alone does not make you a Priest.

This is absurd.

How can one become a Priest in three days?

This is not enough.

They do not understand.

And I am done.

I am done.

I am done with accepting Priests with these low standards.

They do not know who they are.

They have not worshiped Me long enough to know who they are.

And this is a task for those who honor Me and for those who are My children.

You are not the Ancient Egyptians.

You are not prepared as they were to perform this task.

The ritual is not enough–it never was.

The House of Life taught them for years in ancient times.

You have done this in three days. A weekend. A short time.

This takes years to prepare for.


This is not enough.

Another has left the fold.

Another has fled the mantle that We have bestowed upon them.

Because of whimsy or self doubt or other tasks took precedence.

Or wanting to serve Us and not knowing what to do,

and thinking Priesthood is the only answer.

It is not.

It is a vocation.

It is a calling.

It is a damn job.

And this is not something you can have if you do not know who you are.

And this is not something that you can leave

because of whimsy or self-doubt or other insecurities

that should have been purged before you took on the mantle.

You took this mantle and threw it away.

Threw it back in Our faces.

Do not come to Us asking for Priesthood

if you do not know who you are.

If you have not been purged of the shadows in yourself,

If you have not gone through the crucible of Set,

Or My tears or flame–

then do not ask.

We will say no.

Not yes. Not anymore.

We will say no.

This is enough.

You are not ancient Egyptians.

Stop acting like it!


Aset, Mistress of Magic and Knowledge

There was a small room in temples set aside for the scrolls that were used for daily ritual or for other functions of the temple. These places were called Pr Md3t or “House of the Papyrus Rolls” or Pr Md3t Pr ‘3 “House of the Papyrus Rolls of the Great House/Palace”.

Some deities were said to be patrons of these areas. Some you’d expect like Seshat, Mistress of the Library, Who Loosens Impurity or Djehuty who was the inventor of writing and patron of scribes. Khnum, Wesir, Heru, and Aset are listed as well.

“Aset is the Mistress of Magic, the magic infused in knowledge as it helps heal and even revive, as Aset did when She revived Wesir to conceive their child Heru who inherited the knowledge of His Mother and benefited from Her infinite protection. As for Wesir Himself, he is the one who taught mankind civilization when he was ruling upon Earth.”

Haikal, Fayza M. “Private Collections and Temple Libraries in Ancient Egypt,” in What Happened to the Ancient Library of Alexandria?. Mostafa A. El-Abbadi and Omnia M. Fathallah, ed. (Brill Academic Publishers, 2008), 44 and 45-46.

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