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Future Projects

So, with my book done,  I am looking at future projects!  I’m hoping to get all three of these books done in 2016.   I’m not sure if I will be able to do this, but I can give it my best shot  (Does anyone else have Pat Benatar’s song in their head now?).

IMAG0080Lady of the Sky: Ancient Hymns of the Goddess Aset from the Temple of Dendera
Permissions  (I need a yes for this book to happen)
Organization of the Hymns
Formatting and Cover Design

One of Aset’s Shrines

Queen of the Road: Oracles/Poetry of the Goddess Aset
Editing Introduction
Some Editing
Formatting and Cover Design



by Jeff Dahl.  Creative Commons.

She Who Speaks Through Silence: A Devotional Anthology for Nebet Het (Nephthys)
Some Editing; More Submissions
Formatting and Cover Design

Submission Guidelines:  Nebet Het Submission Guidelines

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Books and Where to Find Them

As many recons will tell you, academic books are important to our research about the Gods/Goddesses we honor and how to worship them today. There are a few ways to get ahold of these wonderful books and articles.

Purchasing Them

You can purchase them from publishers’ websites such as Peeters Publishers or IFAO or You can find great deals on used books or even lower prices on new books here.

Eisenbrauns has period sales on academic books especially from the Near East including ancient Egypt, Assyria, Palestine, as well as Judaic and Biblical sources. They have an email list you can sign up for to be alerted to their periodic sales.

Book Depository has good prices on used books and they have free shipping worldwide. This is especially useful to people in Australia or other places where the cost of shipping makes it difficult to buy things from overseas. is a great place to bargain shop. They put the prices of books in a list from various sellers such as Amazon, Half-Price books and other places. They also have a place to buy used or out of print books: Used AddALL.

Powells is another place to buy used books.

Other Options is a great site to find articles posted by academics on various subjects. You have to sign in through Facebook or Google or affiliated with a university to have access.

Jstor has a free option where you can add up to three articles in a certain amount of days, before you can add three more articles to your queue. Some of the articles you have to purchase to read. Some cost $10.00 usd and others are more.

Free Options

Your Local Libraries. Ask your local library if they have the book or can obtain it through Inter-Library Loan.

Borrow from a friend.

So, where do you get your academic books? And what books do you have that are your favorites?

I’d love to hear from you! Keep researching and reading!