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Festivals for January

2 Peret/Mechir/January

1 to 30-Sacred Month to Aset

This month is sacred to Aset. Offer to Aset all month long! Light a candle for Her daily. Bring offerings to Her. Do ritual for Her. Research Her. Honor Her.

1 to 8-Feast of Aset

This feast was celebrated for Aset at the Temple of Philae. It says they spent 8 days feasting on the “dromos of Isis, wine, beer and flesh” from Khoiak 1 to Parmuthi 1. (1) Offer wine, beer and meat (not pork or fish; maybe not beef).

1-Navigation of Aset/Ploiphesia/Navigium Isidis

When the Romans moved the New Year from March 1st to January 1st, they moved this festival as well. (2) Here is my post about this festival: Navigation of Aset

2 of January-Festival of the Rejoicing of Aset’s Return
This festival had to do with Aset returning to Her temple from a procession. There is another festival on January 2 called Advent of Isis from Phoenicia from Plutarch’s work On Isis and Osiris. If memory serves, this festival involved Aset searching for Wesir.

3 of January-Vota Publica: Imperial Vows and Ships of Aset
This was a Roman festival to the Imperial family and the blessing of fleets. Isis was celebrated here as the King Maker, an Empress and as the goddess of the imperial fleet.

6-Feast of Aset, the Mourning Cow/Black Cow
I can only find this festival in Normandi Elli’s book Feasts of Light and it sounds like she got the festival from Herodotus, but I don’t know where she got the date from (4). Aset in the form of a Sacred Cow searches for Wesir. Honor Aset as the mourning Goddess today.

12 to 24-Festival of Roses/Rhodophoria
Here is my previous post about the Festival of Roses/Rhodophoria: Rhodophoria/Rosalia Festival. Offering roses (especially red ones) is a great way to honor the Goddess at this time. You can honor Her here as the goddess of flowers, with her husband Wesir or as the goddess of the dead (you could also honor your ancestors here too). On this 13 Day festival, She was traditionally offered red roses.

16-Awakening of Aset by the Majesty of Ra
Aset is brought outside at sunrise to greet Her Father Ra. Honor Aset today as the Mistress of Flame, Daughter of Ra and the Fiercely Bright One. Honor the Solar Goddess with candles and magic. Honor Her Father Ra as well with offerings of flame and water.

20-Procession of the Goddess of Heaven Goes South to the Road
This festival celebrates Aset’s half-way point as She travels throughout the Duat as Sopdet. Honor Aset today as the stellar Goddess Sopdet. Offer Her flame of candlelight or water of the heavens for this festival. Honor Her as the Star Goddess who is the Lady of Stars at Night and the Fiercely Bright One.

26-Aset Sees the Beautiful Face
This may be Aset Sees the Beautiful Face (of Wesir or Min). I don’t know much more about this festival besides that.


(1) Griffith, F. Ll. Catalogue of the Demotic Graffiti of the Dodecaschoenus. Volume 1 Text. (Oxford University Press, 1937), 116.

(2) Donalson, Malcolm Drew. The Cult of Isis in the Roman Empire: Isis Invicta. (New York: Edwin Mellen Press, 2003), 73.

(4) Ellis, Normandi. Feasts of Light: Celebrations for the Seasons of Life based on the Egyptian Goddess Mysteries. (Quest Books, 1999), 64-65.

Check out my Aset Festivals page for a complete list of the books used for the festival calendar in general: Aset Festivals

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Reminder: Festivals of Aset for January

2 Peret/Mechir/January

1 to 30-Sacred Month to Aset
1 to 8-Feast of Aset
2 of January-Advent of Isis from Phoenicia
3 of January-Vota Publica
6-Feast of Aset, the Mourning Cow/Black Cow
12 to 25-Festival of Roses/Rhodophoria
16-Awakening of Aset by the Majesty of Ra
20-Procession of the Goddess of Heaven Goes South to the Road
26-Aset Sees the Beautiful Face

Here is my previous post about the Festival of Roses/Rhodophoria: Rhodophoria/Rosalia Festival

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Reminder: June Aset Festivals

3 Shomu/Epiphi/June

1 of June-Festival of Roses/Rhodophoria
2-Great Feast of the Two Lands
4-Conception of Heru-sa-Aset
12-Procession of Aset and Celebration of the Marriage Contract of Aset
14 of June-Night of the Teardrop of Aset
22-Feast of Entry of Aset
26 of 3 Shomu to 15 of 4 Shomu-Festival of the Birth of Aset, with the Beautiful Throne (Isis Nepherses), the Great Goddess
28-Appearance of Sopdet
30-Burning the Widow’s Flame

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May Festivals for Aset

Here is a reminder about the Aset festivals in May.

2 Shomu/Payni/May

2-Great Festival of the Two Lands
4-Festival of the Birth of Aset
9 of May-Festival of Roses/Rhodophoria
10-Appearance and Procession of Aset, Mistress of Aba
11 of May-Festival of Roses/Rhodophoria
13 of May-Festival of Roses/Rhodophoria
21-Day of the Living Children of Nut
23 of May-Festival of Roses/Rhodophoria
28-Procession and Offerings in Djedu
31 of May to 1 of June-Festival of Roses/Rhodophoria

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Pharia and Rhodophoria

Yesterday, was the Aset of the Pharos Lighthouse/Isis Pharia Festival and today is the Rhodophoria (Festival of Roses)!

I hope everyone is having a great time! For the Aset of the Pharos Lighthouse/Isis Pharia Festival, you could offer water, light candles in your shrine and offer food and drink offerings to the Goddess. Offer Her a feast in Her honor.

For the Rhodophoria festival, offer Aset and Wesir red roses (or other red flowers if you can’t offer roses). You could make a garland of roses for your head or drape them over the shrine. And if you can offer to the military dead or warrior dead as this was a festival to honor them as well.

Here is my previous post about the Rhodophoria.

Aset, Auset, Isis, Calendar, Devotional Practice, Festivals, Isis-Aphrodite, Rhodophoria, Shrine, Sobek, Sebek

Rhodophoria/Rosalia Festival

Rhodophoria “Bearer of Roses” or Rosalia festivals were ancient Greek and Roman festivals to honor the dead, the military dead and various deities. It was also a spring festival about fertility and flowers so many Goddesses were honored during this time such as Aphrodite, Venus, Hathor, Aset, Isis and Isis-Aphrodite.

Some scholars think that a garland of roses may have been religiously associated with the Crown of Victory given to Wesir after his victory over death in the afterlife. Even though this was initially given to Heru, it was transferred to Wesir. Other gods associated with this festival are Heru and Ra. Other ways this occasion was celebrated was victory triumphing over enemies or protecting from harmful forces. During the Ptolemaic Period and later, the festival became more affiliated with Wesir’s mythos.

A long Rhodophoria festival (lasting 13 days) is listed on the Temple Festival Calendar of Soknopaiou Nesos which was dedicated to the crocodile God Sobek and Aset as both Aset/Isis Nepherses (with the Beautiful Throne) and Nephremmis (of the Beautiful Arms).

Wikipedia mentions that the dates to celebrate can last from May through July. If one were to move the start of the Ancient Egyptian calendar to another month (besides August–which is what I have done here) then the months would change (Mechir would be in February instead of January for instance).

Possible Dates to Celebrate:

2 Peret/Mechir/January

12 to 24-Festival of Roses/Rhodophoria

3 Peret/Pamenot/February
16 to 28-Rhodophoria

1 Shomu/Pachons/April
26-Festival of Roses/Rhodophoria

2 Shomu/Payni/May

May 9-13

May 13

May 31-June 1

Activities for this Festival

*Honor a God or Goddess associated with this festival
*Offer red roses on the shrine to the deity and/or the dead
*Make garlands of roses to put in your hair or drape around the shrine
*Offer red roses to the military or warrior dead in a shrine or at a graveyard

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