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Site Update

Hello, everyone!

I have updated my website! I have added to each of these sections:

Aset: Aset FAQ, Offerings, Shrine and Family.

Nebet Het: Shrine, Syncretic Forms and Offerings.

Athene: Orphic Hymn to Athene trans. by Thomas Taylor and Books.

And I have added a new sections for Sekhmet-Mut!

Sekhmet-Mut’s section has: About Sekhmet-Mut, Epithets, Offerings, Festivals, Shrine, Syncretic Forms and Books.

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Aset Shrine Pictures

Here are some shrine pictures of Aset’s shrine during the Awakening of Aset by the Majesty of Ra Festival in January (I think it is the 16 of Mechir on the Ancient Egyptian calendar). Some friends and I got together and honored Her. I think this was in 2011 though I’m not sure.

Anyway, here are the pictures.

Aset Shrine
Awakening of Aset by the Majesty of Ra Shrine

aset statues
Close up of Aset Statues

offerings to aset
Offerings to the Goddess Aset

aset statue close two
Another Aset statue close up.

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Festivals for January

2 Peret/Mechir/January

1 to 30-Sacred Month to Aset

This month is sacred to Aset. Offer to Aset all month long! Light a candle for Her daily. Bring offerings to Her. Do ritual for Her. Research Her. Honor Her.

1 to 8-Feast of Aset

This feast was celebrated for Aset at the Temple of Philae. It says they spent 8 days feasting on the “dromos of Isis, wine, beer and flesh” from Khoiak 1 to Parmuthi 1. (1) Offer wine, beer and meat (not pork or fish; maybe not beef).

1-Navigation of Aset/Ploiphesia/Navigium Isidis

When the Romans moved the New Year from March 1st to January 1st, they moved this festival as well. (2) Here is my post about this festival: Navigation of Aset

2 of January-Festival of the Rejoicing of Aset’s Return
This festival had to do with Aset returning to Her temple from a procession. There is another festival on January 2 called Advent of Isis from Phoenicia from Plutarch’s work On Isis and Osiris. If memory serves, this festival involved Aset searching for Wesir.

3 of January-Vota Publica: Imperial Vows and Ships of Aset
This was a Roman festival to the Imperial family and the blessing of fleets. Isis was celebrated here as the King Maker, an Empress and as the goddess of the imperial fleet.

6-Feast of Aset, the Mourning Cow/Black Cow
I can only find this festival in Normandi Elli’s book Feasts of Light and it sounds like she got the festival from Herodotus, but I don’t know where she got the date from (4). Aset in the form of a Sacred Cow searches for Wesir. Honor Aset as the mourning Goddess today.

12 to 24-Festival of Roses/Rhodophoria
Here is my previous post about the Festival of Roses/Rhodophoria: Rhodophoria/Rosalia Festival. Offering roses (especially red ones) is a great way to honor the Goddess at this time. You can honor Her here as the goddess of flowers, with her husband Wesir or as the goddess of the dead (you could also honor your ancestors here too). On this 13 Day festival, She was traditionally offered red roses.

16-Awakening of Aset by the Majesty of Ra
Aset is brought outside at sunrise to greet Her Father Ra. Honor Aset today as the Mistress of Flame, Daughter of Ra and the Fiercely Bright One. Honor the Solar Goddess with candles and magic. Honor Her Father Ra as well with offerings of flame and water.

20-Procession of the Goddess of Heaven Goes South to the Road
This festival celebrates Aset’s half-way point as She travels throughout the Duat as Sopdet. Honor Aset today as the stellar Goddess Sopdet. Offer Her flame of candlelight or water of the heavens for this festival. Honor Her as the Star Goddess who is the Lady of Stars at Night and the Fiercely Bright One.

26-Aset Sees the Beautiful Face
This may be Aset Sees the Beautiful Face (of Wesir or Min). I don’t know much more about this festival besides that.


(1) Griffith, F. Ll. Catalogue of the Demotic Graffiti of the Dodecaschoenus. Volume 1 Text. (Oxford University Press, 1937), 116.

(2) Donalson, Malcolm Drew. The Cult of Isis in the Roman Empire: Isis Invicta. (New York: Edwin Mellen Press, 2003), 73.

(4) Ellis, Normandi. Feasts of Light: Celebrations for the Seasons of Life based on the Egyptian Goddess Mysteries. (Quest Books, 1999), 64-65.

Check out my Aset Festivals page for a complete list of the books used for the festival calendar in general: Aset Festivals

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We Love You

During a divination session, a group of Netjeru decided to give me this. So I share it in hopes that it will remind us how much They love us.

We are here.
We love you.
We love you.
Why do you doubt this, dear child?
Why do you doubt this?
We are your Parents.
You are Our children.
We love you.
Nothing you can do or will do can take away that love.
We love you.
No matter what.
We want to help you.
We want to see you succeed in all your dreams.
in all your hopes and ambitions.
We want you to succeed.
We love you.
All you need to do is ask.
And We will do Our best to help you.
We love you.
We love you.
And nothing, nothing can take that away.
You are always good enough.
You are always pure enough.
We love you.
We love you.
And nothing, nothing can take that away.

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Aset’s Festivals from Late Antiquity

Here are the Aset (Isis) festivals listed in this book: Bricault, Laurent. Les Cultes Isiaques Dans Le Monde Greco-romain (La Roue a Livres / Documents Book 66). (Les Belles Lettres, 2013), 376-378.

The festival of Aset Pharos (Isis Pharia) does not have a specific date attached to it besides the month of April. Some place it on the 21st of April while others place it on the 25th of April coinciding with the Sarapia (Festival of Sarapis).

The two Isia Festivals (October 28-31; November 1-3) have to do with Aset mourning the death of Wesir (October 28-31) and then rejoicing at finding Him (November 1-3). Isia is also a generic word meaning “Festival of Isis”.

March 5: Navigation of Aset/Isis

March 20: Festival of Peluse (Pelusia)

April 25: Festival of Aset (Isis Pharia)/Sacrum Phariae and Festival of Serapis (Serapia)

August 12: Festival of Lamps (Lychnapsia)

October 28-31: Festival of Aset (Isis)/Isia

November 1-3: Festival of Aset’s Rejoicing/Isia

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Four Fire Festivals of Aset

There are four fire festivals of Aset this week! A great way to represent Her solar or stellar light is to light candles.

Festival of the Birth of Aset, with the Beautiful Throne, the Great Goddess celebrates Aset’s birth in Her aspect as the throne Goddess. On Her birth festivals, candles were lit for Her.

Appearance of Sopdet is the half-way mark of Aset-Sopdet disappearing into the Duat to return on the New Year. A candle is lit to represent starlight.

Burning the Widow’s Flame is a solemn occasion where Aset as Wesir’s widow prepares Him for the Duat. A flame burns for Aset on Her shrine.

Aset Luminous is Aset’s Festival of Lights where She searches for Wesir. Prayers are written on paper, folded into boats with a tealight in it and floated on water in a sink, tub, river, bowl or ocean to carry the prayers to the Goddess.

Here are instructions for boat making: Making Boats for Aset Luminous

Oracle for Aset Luminous (Aset, the Fiercely Bright One)

by JewelofAset

What are you doing for Her festival?

What will you do today for the Fiercely Bright One?
Light candles or lamps? Sing a hymn? Perform ritual before Her shrine? What will you offer to the Lady?

What will you do today for the Mother of God? The one who gave birth to Heru in the Marshes? The sole Mother who took care of Her son?

What will you do for Aset, the Fiercely Bright One? The One who leads the way in the darkness, dispelling shadows with Her light? The stellar and solar goddess of the dawn.

What will you do today? What will you accomplish? What will you profess?

What will you ask Me in your letter? What prayers and hopes will the boats carry on the water, with My light guiding the way?

What will you ask Me to dispel in your lives? What will you ask Me to cultivate?

What will you do for the Fiercely Bright One? What will you ask of the Brightest of Stars? What will you ask of the Solar Goddess?

I am the Mistress of Magic. I am the Goddess Who Knows Her Spells. What I speak comes to pass.

Do not worry, child. I will take care of you.

Who am I? Am I not the Goddess who knows Ra’s Name? Am I not the wisest and cleverest of Gods? Am I not the Goddess of all magic, all heka, all life-power, all kau?

So what will you ask Me on My festival day?

The words you speak and write have power. What I speak comes to pass. What you write is your heart’s desire.
For what you do, what you say and what you write will become.

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Reminder: Aset Festivals for Rest of June and July

3 Shomu/Epiphi/June

26 of 3 Shomu to 15 of 4 Shomu-Festival of the Birth of Aset, with the Beautiful Throne (Isis Nepherses), the Great Goddess
28-Appearance of Sopdet
30-Burning the Widow’s Flame

4 Shomu/Mesore/July

2-Aset Luminous: Procession of Aset, the Brilliant, Mother of God
16 of July-Ferrying of Aset, the Great Goddess
16 to 17 of July-Festival of the Birth of Aset
19-Celebrate your Feast of your God.
20 of July-Festival of the Birth of Aset
22-Festival of the Children of Nut and Geb
26 of 4 Shomu to 4 of Extra Days-Festival of the Foundation of the Temple (of Aset and Sobek)
28 to 30-Festival of the Birth of Aset

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My Meeting with Zeus

When I woke up today, I saw a white haired bearded man seated on my table as I walked into the room. I’ve never had this happen before. He sat on my table and I could see him placing cards on the table as if He were dealing out cards.

“Who are you?”


I have an Oracle deck for the Hellenic Pantheon so I pulled that out and started pulling cards. I got up at one point to shower and give offerings to the Hellenic deities in my Household. When I was done, I got the inclination that He still wanted me to pull cards.

I got some cards over and over again. Messages I wasn’t getting were beginning to weave together, reading after reading. During the last reading session, He called me a “mantis” (this apparently means diviner in Greek).

A few of the messages I got were:

*fill your life with joy
*fill your life with beauty
*do what you love
*know who you are and act on it; master yourself
*love yourself
*Know why you honor the Gods you do (Thinking they are cool isn’t enough of a good reason.)
*transformation of old habits into new ones
*creation of joy
*creativity and inspiration; new projects and new beginnings

One of the things He wanted to know was the reason why I was doing things. He wanted to know why I was honoring Athena. I told Him that I admired Her and I honored Her because She helped me with my home once. The first time I ever met Her, the Goddess Athena had me write a four (or 7; I can’t remember the exact number) page poem to Her. But I also remembered I was told (by Aset) that honoring the Hellenic deities would teach me how to treat my home like a temple. That I would learn to treat my home as a sacred and holy place. This is something sorely lacking within Kemetic religion.

Household worship is the staple to Hellenic religious practice and that foundation is largely missing within Kemetic religion. So I honored Hestia today and Hera and Zeus along with Athena. I libated to these Gods of Olympos. I always give Them libations as I don’t have a safe way to burn or a practical way to bury the food offerings.

And as I’m writing this I’m remembering something Athena told me to do that I haven’t been doing. So this is a good reminder. Ask Her for help with my home.

And that question of Why do you honor the Gods that you do? is harder to answer than I thought.

There are many reasons to honor certain deities over others:

*affinity with the occupation you have
*They created you and you are Their spiritual child
*They have work for you to do for Them
*They rule over the Household and you (hopefully) live in a house/apartment/condo, etc.
*They showed up since you honor their brother, mother, father, sister, wife, husband etc.
*Some other reason

So why do I honor some of the Olympic deities? Why do I honor Athena?

The obvious answer is that She’s a Goddess and what fool doesn’t give the deities their due?

Just because They deserve honor doesn’t mean we can honor every single god or goddess. Some deities will get along with certain devotees better than others. I tend to honor deities of knowledge, order, magic, death and healing. Someone else may have different threads of influences from their deities.

My other answer to this would be that I’m an independent scholar with a Masters degree, that I bead necklaces and may start to paint. Being an artisan and a scholar are under the domain of Athena.

But that doesn’t really answer the question. Why am I honoring Her?

Athena showed up unexpectedly in my life. I honestly did not see Her coming. But She came and I just started to respond. I honored Her when I could; I try to honor Her on Her monthly festivals on the 3rd, 13th and 23rd day of each month. Sometimes I forgot or I was too lazy or I was sick or on my period or some other reason I didn’t honor Her on that day.

But when I could I’d try to show up and give an offering. And sometimes I made mistakes and did things I know not to do now. And sometimes why you show up isn’t as important as that you took the effort to show up. And sometimes why are you here isn’t a reprimand, but a question. Do you know what you are doing? Do you know what you are building or making? Do you know what it means to become acquainted with a God?

Do you know what you are doing when you honor this God instead of that one? Or you honor this God from this pantheon and this other God from this other pantheon? Do you know the relationships you are building?

Do you understand that when you honor a God and invite Them into your home, then They are a permanent houseguest? And if you need to take down their shrines or altars, you need to ask Their permission? That is not your space anymore. It is Theirs.

Do you know, dear child, do you know that when you honor a God, you are building a relationship between two beings and both have agency? And both have power.

And both of them have the power of choice.

Do you build a shrine and a relationship with a foundation of kharis (holy blessings; reciprocity gift-giving) or do you build it on superficial manners and willful ignorance?

How you build the shrine to Them is what the foundation of your relationship is made of.

Blessings flow where offerings go.

Build it well.