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Site Update

Hello, everyone!

I have updated my website! I have added to each of these sections:

Aset: Aset FAQ, Offerings, Shrine and Family.

Nebet Het: Shrine, Syncretic Forms and Offerings.

Athene: Orphic Hymn to Athene trans. by Thomas Taylor and Books.

And I have added a new sections for Sekhmet-Mut!

Sekhmet-Mut’s section has: About Sekhmet-Mut, Epithets, Offerings, Festivals, Shrine, Syncretic Forms and Books.

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Calendar Updated and New Article

I have updated the Calendar section with more Aset Festivals! Here is the link: Calendar

Here is one of the sources for the new batch of festivals I just put up (Aset’s are on pages 142-143). There are also great festivals for Sobek; if anyone is interested the Sobek festivals are on pages 142-143: Capron, Laurent. “Déclarations fiscales du Temple de Soknopaiou Nêsos: éléments nouveaux,” in Zeitschrift für Papyrologie und Epigraphik. Bd. 165, Dr. Rudolf Habelt GmbH, Bonn (Germany). (2008), pp. 133-160.

Link: Link to Article