Sacred Symbols

Sacred Symbols of Nebet Het

Sacred Animals

  1. Akhet-Cow or Celestial Cow
  2. Cobra
  3. Dolphin (Lepidotus or Nile Tilapia of Hatmehyt)
  4. Duck
  5. Female Black Kite
  6. Small Black Kite
  7. Female Dog
  8. Female Donkey
  9. Hippopotamus
  10. Hoopoe (a type of bird)
  11. Ibis
  12. Mafdet (feline, possibly mongoose)
  13. Mourning Bird
  14. Mysterious Krht-Snake
  15. Panther or Leopard
  16. Tern (a type of bird)
  17. Tilapia (cichlid)
  18. Two Female Black Kites (with Aset)
  19. Two Hwrt-Birds (with Aset)
  20. Two Red Cows (with Aset)


  1. House/Basket:  House hieroglyph with a basket on top in the spelling of Her name.
  2. Horns/Sundisk:  Horns encircling a solar disk on a modius crown with a uraeus
  3. Horns/House:  Her Name Crown on top of the cow horns encircling the sundisk with a uraeus on top of a modius crow



  1. Ankh
  2. Menat Necklace
  3. Mirror
  4. Papyrus scepter
  5. Sistrum
  6. Tyet Amulet (Isis Knot)


Natural Forces

  1. Edges of the Desert
  2. Night Sky
  3. Nile River
  4. Sun and Stars
  5. Twilight (Dusk and Dawn)



  1. Sycamore Tree



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