Manifestations of Aset at each Temple

The Temple of Aset at Giza Pyramid

Aset, the Scorpion
Aset, the Lady of the Pyramid
Aset, the Great, Mother of God

The Temple of Karnak

Aset, the Hippopotamus
Aset, the Lioness

The Temple of Dendera

Aset, the Great, Mother of God
Aset, the Feline

The Temple of Aset and Mut Shanhur

Aset, the Great Goddess
Aset, the Great, Mother of God
Aset-Nebet Het Nebet Ihy

Temple of Aset at Soknopaiou Nêsos in the Fayyum

Aset, with the Beautiful Throne (Isis Nepherses)
Aset, of the Beautiful Arms (Isis Nephremmis)

Nubian Temples Beit el Wali, Amada, Kalabsha, El-Lessiya, Amada, Dakka, and Buhen



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