Within the myths of Aset, she is portrayed as a cunning, determined, sometimes ruthless trickster who is who is compassionate to the ailing and protective of her son and a bereaved wife to her dead husband.

Death and Search of Wesir

Aset’s most famous myth is when her husband Wesir (Osiris) is killed by their brother Set and thrown into the Nile. The goddess along with her sister Nebet Het (Nephthys) search for Wesir, find his body, and embalm him. Aset uses her magic to revive him long enough to concieve an heir. Wesir dies and becomes the King of the Afterlife.

Aset Stops the Sun, Healing Heru

Aset raises Heru-sa-Aset (Horus, son of Isis) with her sister in the marshes of Egypt. Set sends a venomous creature to bite the child. Aset returns to their home to find her dying child. She calls out to the sun boat and the sun stops moving in the sky. Ra sends Djehuty (Thoth) down to see what is going on and Aset explains the situation. Djehuty gives Aset what she needs to heal her son.

Aset and the Seven Scorpions

Aset traveled to a city when Heru-sa-Aset was a baby. Aset was accompanied by seven scorpions who were protective goddesses. Aset asked a rich woman for shelter. The woman was scared of the scorpions and slammed the door. The scorpions were insulted on Aset’s behalf so they put their poison into one of their members and she crept into the rich woman’s house and stung her son. Meanwhile, Aset had found shelter at a poor woman’s house. The rich woman ran into the street, carrying her ailing child, crying out for help. Aset heard her and came over. Aset healed her child with her magic. The rich woman gave Aset shelter in her home and gave the poor woman riches.

Aset and the Secret Name of Ra
Aset wanted all the knowledge of heaven and earth so she fashioned a snake out of spittle and clay. She placed it in the path of the sun-boat that the sun-god road each day in the Heavens. The snake creature bit him. He cried out to the gods that he had been bitten by something that he himself had not created. Aset came to him and told him and she would heal him if he would tell her his most secret name, the source of all his power. He told her his titles which everyone knew. She said she could not heal him. The pain became unbearable so Ra took Aset to a secluded place and passed his secret name from his heart to hers. Aset healed him. The sun-god told her to share this name with her son, Heru-sa-Aset.

Heru-sa-Aset wins the Kingship of His Father

Once Heru-sa-Aset grows up, he and his mother go before a tribunal fo gods to fight for the inheritance of throne of Wesir as the King of Egypt. Set and Heru fought each other in combant and cunning. Aset often helped her son fight Set. She often used her cunning and guile to defeat Set. In the end, Heru was made King of Egypt and Set was made King of the Desert and the one who thunders in the sky.

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