Here is one of my shrines to Aset in my home. Here are a few pointers to making your own shrine to Aset.

Her shrine should be on flat surface like a table or dresser. Here are a few items to place on your shrine to Her:

• blue or white shrine cloth
• an image or statue of the Goddess
• two blue or white or gold candles or plain beeswax candles
• an incense holder or oil diffuser with incense or essential oil
• a blue or white bowl for water libations

Photo by Monica.  All Rights Reserved.

Other items you may need: a pitcher to pour the water libations into the bowl and matches or a lighter to light the candles or incense. You can use electric candles and oil diffusers if you can’t use an open flame.

Also if you cannot use incense, then some alternatives might be a small cup of Florida Water or fresh flowers.