Ra is the sun god of the Ancient Egyptian Pantheon.  He is the Lord of all the Gods in Heaven and on Earth.  He travels during the day in the Sun Boat across the sky and he journeys into the Underworld at night to revive the dead, merge with Wesir and slay the Evil Snake.

He is the Lord of Light in all its forms and the Lord who dispels darkness.  He brings life to all since the sun brings warmth and life to all living beings on Earth.

He emerged from the Primordial waters as the shining light of the first dawn.  His tears created humanity and his sweat created the Gods.  He is the Father of most of the Goddesses and Gods of the pantheon.  He is a Creator God who created the world in the Beginning of the First Time, the Time of Creation.

All Hail the Lord of Light!  All Hail the King of the Gods!