Honoring Ra

Photo by Monica. Used with Permission. All Rights Reserved.

Ra is the God of the Sun. He is the Creator and the Father of the Gods. He is the Father of the Eye of Ra Goddesses, the fierce lioness and cobra goddesses who protect Him. Ra is the God of Kingship and is the King of the Gods. He’s a creator, warrior, just ruler and a kind father. He dispels darkness with His light.

As He is the creator god and a King, Ra’s shrine should be kept clean (as clean as possible, given your circumstances).


Shrine Set-Up
• Image or Statue of Ra or an Obelisk
• Red or White Altar Cloth
• Yellow or Red or White Candles
• Bowl for water offerings

Other items you may need: a pitcher to pour the water libations into the bowl and matches or a lighter to light the candles or incense. You can use electric candles and oil diffusers if you can’t use an open flame.

Also if you cannot use incense, then some alternatives might be a small cup of Florida Water or fresh flowers.

What to Pray for
• Authority
• Dispel Darkness
• Dispel Depression
• Dispel Sadness
• Dispel Evil
• Empathy with Others
• Fatherhood
• Female Empowerment
• Fortitude
• Integrity
• Leadership Skills
• Justice
• Kindness and Compassion
• Male Empowerment
• Personal Power
• Protection
• Self-Possession/Agency
• Self-Love
• Strength
• Warmth
• Warrior Qualities
• Wisdom