Poetry 1-3

Ra’s Love
by TahekerutAset

Seated on His throne
Adorned in linen and gold
Head held high
Majesty and strength
Held within one form
You take myself loathing
Burning it away with Your rage
Why should I not love you, Child?
No man can love me
I said.
You are My Daughter
He said.
Healing me with Your rays of boundless love
Enamored with You
Sun of the World
Netjer of Kingly Ka
I adore Thee
My Parent
My Father
My Lord

Center of the Lotus
by TahekerutAset

Water to You
O Ra
Of the Horizon
Bursting forth
Blossoming lotus
White petals
Light shines forth
As the Stars

Eyes of Creation
by TahekerutAset

Tears of the sun
Formed from eyes of creation
Not able to see
Your Majesty absolutely
Spark of divinity
Droplets forged
Into people
As many colors reflect off water
Closed eyes
Heart torn
When we cry
Mirror our creation