Epithets of Sekhmet
Crown of Ra
Eldest of Her Creator
Eye of Ra
Golden One
Great Goddess of the House of Ptah
Great of Flame
Lady of Ankhtawy
Lady of Ast
Lady of Heaven
Lady of Ladies
Lady of Life
Lady of Plague
Lady of Protection
Lady of Protection Who Envelops Her Creator
Mistress of Life
Mistress of Red Linen
Mistress of Terror in the Temple of the Sistrum
Mistress of the Two Lands
Mistress of the Year
Ptah’s Beloved
Sacred Eye in the Temple
Sacred Eye in the Palace
She Who Dances on Blood
She Whose Power is as Great as Infinity
Smiter of Nubians
The Great
The One Who Wields the Knife
The Serpent Who is Upon Her Father
Uraeus in the Temple of the Sistrum
Who Does What She Wishes
Who Fills the Ways with Blood
Who Seizes Impious Ones
Who Slaughters to the Limits of All She Sees


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