She Who Speaks Through Silence

Nebet Het (Greek: Nephthys) is a goddess rising of the Nile river, rain, fertility of crops as the second wife and mourner of Wesir (Osiris). She is a goddess of the edges of the desert, boundaries of both land and time and is the goddess of twilight the times of dusk and dawn. As a wife of Set, She is a goddess of war and an averter of evil forces. She is a protector, a mourner, a widow, a wife and a mother. She is a Goddess of the Underworld who helps the dead transform. As Lady of the Palace, She is the protector of the King and a mother of Heru. As the Lady of the House, She governs over holy places such as temples and shrines as a guard who protects against impure forces. As the Lady of the Home, She governs over the household: its occupants and upkeep. As Lady of the Tomb, She is a goddess over burial and the remembrance of the dead.

In She Who Speaks Through Silence, you will find:

  • Ancient hymns from the Temples of Philae, Edfu, and Dendera
  • The Hymn to Nebet Het from the Temple of Komir
  • Essays about the Goddess
  • Poetry and Oracles
  • Fiction Story
  • An Epithets List and Festival Calendar

Book Details

Book Title:  She Who Speaks Through Silence: An Anthology for Nephthys

Editor/Contributor:  Chelsea Luellon Bolton

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Dimensions:  6×9  Trade Paperback

Pages:  TBA

Published:  TBA 2018

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About the Author

Chelsea Luellon Bolton has a BA and MA in Religious Studies from the University of South Florida. She is the author of Lady of Praise, Lady of Power: Ancient Hymns of the Goddess Aset and Queen of the Road: Poetry of the Goddess Aset.  She is the editor and a contributor of the anthology She Who Speaks Through Silence: A Devotional Anthology for Nephthys.  Her poetry has been previously published in various anthologies. You can read more of her work at her blog address: