Prayer to Aset During Menses

Prayer to Aset During Menses
by TahekerutAset (JewelofAset)

Here is a prayer to be said when a woman is on her menses. To begin the informal rite, light a candle, offer incense or scent of any kind and give an offering of food or drink to Aset.

This prayer is for people who would like a little more structure to their religious life during menses. Some temples and some devotees observe a blood taboo which includes barring menstruating women from performing formal rituals such as Priest rites or formal daily rites.

For this reason, you may want to create a small informal shrine to perform this rite.

During an Oracle session with Aset the Goddess shared with me that the menstrual cycle is the renewal of the ka of the person which mirrors the renewal of creation such as the sun rising and setting, the monthly phases of the moon and the appearing and departure of the Distant Goddess and the star Sopdet.

Bathe and dress in clean clothes of any kind and go before Aset’s shrine. Light a candle, incense or essential oil and place an offering on the shrine.

This is the Mystery of the Ka
This is the Mystery of the Mothers
I come before You, Great Aset, Mother of God
I come before You with offerings
Of flame, fragrance and food.
So that You may grant me
Health, Blessing and Renewal
May I be renewed
As Ra is renewed
As Sekhmet is renewed
As Wesir is renewed
As Earth and Heaven
are renewed
As You cleanse the ka with Your tears and flame
So too am I
During this time.

Thank Aset and give the offerings. Blow out the candles and incense. Eat the food offerings afterwards.