Aset’s Birth Festival

Aset’s Birthday

Aset with throne headdress
by Jeff Dahl

Today is the Birth of Aset Festival on the Kemetic Orthodox Festival Calendar.  Aset is the Mistress of Magic, the Queen of Heaven, the Mother of God and the Fiercely Bright One.

Here is a wonderful post by Sarduriur about this festival here: Aset’s Birth: Day of Readying Terror. 

Light candles for Her.  Give offerings to Her.  Sing Her praises.  Recite Her prayers and hymns.

Hail Lady Aset, Mistress of Magic.  Dua Aset!


Festival of Aset

This Festival of Aset lasts from the 20 to the 23rd of the month. This is a cleansing festival where the shrine was cleaned, the statue was bathed and offerings were given to the Goddess. Pausanias mentions this festival in Pausanias. Description of Greece: Books 1-2 and 8-10. translated by W. H. S. Jones. (Loeb Classical Library, 1918; Harvard University Press, reprint.

Clean your shrine today and offer to the Goddess. Since it is the Fall Equinox, maybe offer Her fruits or vegetables or foods which remind you of the Harvest or Fall.

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Month of Aset

Since it is January 1st, it is the first day of the month 2 Peret which is sacred to Aset. (Until I can make a machine do all the math for me: 2 Peret Day 1 will be January 1st and so on).

Here are the festivals for this month on the calendar I have put together:

2 Peret/Mechir/January

1 to 30-Sacred Month to Aset

1 to 8-Feast of Aset

Aset was offered wine, beer and meat during this festival.

2 of January-Advent of Isis (Greek/Roman)

Classical festival dealing with Aset/isis as rejoicing over finding Wesir.

3 of January-Navigation of Aset/Ploiaphesia/Isidis Navigium (Roman)

Aset/Isis was honored here along with the Roman Imperials. This was a festival about preparing for the Navigation season or the Navigation of Aset/Isis festival in March.

6-Feast of Aset, the Mourning Cow/Black Cow

Aset was honored as searching for Wesir in the form of a black-robed cow.

7-Paroles a dire par Tayet

Aset is honored as Aset-Tayet today. Tayet is the Goddess of linen wrappings for the dead and purity.

11-Paroles a dire par Aset, upon the Head of Ra

Aset as upon the Head of Her Father: an Eye of Ra.

16-Awakening of Aset by Ra’s Majesty

Aset is brought out at sunrise to be in Ra’s rays. He is Her Father here. She is an Eye of Ra and a Sun Goddess.

20-Procession of the Goddess of Heaven Goes South to the Road

Aset is Sopdet here as this festival marks the half-point when Sopdet will return.

26-Aset Sees the Beautiful Face

She sees the face of Min or Wesir.

What will you do for the sacred month of Aset? How will you honor Her this month?