Gods, Wepwawet

PBP2013: J is for Jackal

Here is my obligatory Wepwawet post. Wepwawet is one of my Beloveds within Kemetic Orthodoxy. He is awesome. Here is a great site on Him and other Jackal deities: Per Sabu.org.

Now that you have looked up historical information on Wepwawet on that website, I can talk about Him as a devotee. And I definitely relate to Him as a son of Aset. I have a statue of Him along with a few necklaces (beaded and otherwise), a glass for offerings, a candle, a red ninja rubber ducky with nun-chucks, a pack of tobacco and a stone for His shrine.

The rubber ducky song always goes in my head when I look at it. He communicates through songs that get stuck in my head for no reason. He seems to like blues, blacks, golds or reds. For offerings He likes beef, chicken, meats, red wine, beer, water, pomegranate tea, raspberry tea, red juices, rum, fruits and vegetables.

Here is a prayer I wrote using His epithets from Terence DuQuesne’s works especially Salakhana Trove and Anubis, Upwawet and Other Deities.

Adoration to You, Wepwawet
Lord of Lords, Leader of the Gods
Opener of the Ways, Divine Jackal
Beautiful God, Powerful One
One with Sharp Arrows
Glorious One, Lord of the Shedshed
Son of Ra, Son of Aset
Lord of Asyut
Hear my/our prayer…