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Firestorm and Lightning

by Jeff Dahl

To be published in Sun, Star and Desert Sand: Poems for the Egyptian Gods.

Firestorm and Lightning

by Chelsea Luellon Bolton

Nebet Het is the Wayward Daughter

She marries the Red Lord

Of the Desert Lands

by Jeff Dahl

She marries Him

And Their love is eternal

They bring change and sorrow

They bring transformation

The change He brings is Swift, Brutal


You can’t turn away

From the lies you tell yourself

Or the hidden truths you wish to keep locked away

You cannot hide from your desires

With a slew of excuses

You don’t have time?

Make time.

You don’t have money?

Ask for help.

You’ll do it later?

Don’t procrastinate.

You feign indifference when you say you have a dream.

Stop hiding from your desires.

Stop being complacent in your life.

Take steps and get your tasks done.

These are the lessons of Set.

Don’t let excuses or complacency stop you

from living out your dreams.

Nebet Het’s change is no less brutal

But Her change is internal to ourselves

As we cry,

As we sob,

As we wail,

As we mourn,

It is the sorrow when we experience loss

It is the rage when someone wrongs us

It is the grief when someone dies

It is the emotional turmoil,

When change tears our world to shreds

Any normalcy, any complacency

Any excuse—is swiftly rebuked




The change at my door will not destroy me

The sorrow in my heart will not lead me to harm myself

The grief in my soul will not lead me to suicide

I will get through this

I will live through this

I will triumph over my fear and my pain

With the strength of Set

With the fortitude of Nebet Het

I will rise

I will wipe away my tears

I will stare down my fears

And with a smile, I will say:

Is that all you’ve got?

And your strength will rise in you

Like a firestorm

Like a lightning storm

And you will say:

I will get through this.

How about you?