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Current Works-in-Progress

Hopefully To be Published in 2017

I  have sent in the permissions for Lady of the Sky: Ancient Hymns for Aset from the Temple of Dendera.  We’ll see what they say.  I’m still waiting.

I have been compiling all the material for this book She Who Speaks Through Silence:  An Anthology of Nebet Het (Nephthys).  I am still waiting on some submissions.  Here are  the submission guidelines: Nebet Het Submission Guidelines

A Devotional for Ra and His Daughters:  Solar Flares and Sunbeams.  Here are the submission guidelines:  Ra and His Family Devotional

Future Projects

A third hymnal and an anthology for Aset/Isis.  I don’t have a working title yet.

Maybe a  hymnal or devotional for  Sekhmet/Sekhmet-Mut.  I have to check on some permissions.  The tentative title is Lioness Goddess, Lioness Queen: An Anthology/Hymnal for Sekhmet.

I am working on a poetry book for the Ancient Egyptian deities, tentatively called  Suns, Stars and Desert Sands: Poems for Ancient Egyptian Deities.

Ra and His Family Devotional

Solar Flares and Sunbeams: An Anthology for Ra and His Family

by Chelsea Luellon Bolton

Ra (Re) is the ancient Egyptian God of the Sun.  He is the creator of the world, Gods and Humankind.  He is both the warmth of the sun and its fiery, scorching rays.  He is the one who travels through the sky during the day and through the Underworld at night, culminating in His defeat of the Evil Serpent.   He merges with Wesir (Osiris), the King of the Underworld and renews the afterlife and creation.

He has many forms and syncretisms with other gods.  He has many daughters who bear the title “Eye of Ra” which means they are His guardians and protectors who harness the fierce power of sun to dispose of enemies and evil forces.

Contributors can explore:

Ra as the creator of the world

Ra as the Creator of Humankind

Ra as the God of Kings

Ra as the Lord of All or Lord of the Limit

Ra and His Forms (Khepri, Ra and Atum as Morning, Noon and Night)

Ra and His Syncretisms (Amun-Ra, Atum-Ra, Khnum-Ra, Wepwawet-Ra, Sobek-Ra, Osiris-Ra, Ra Heru-akhety/Ra  Horakhty)

Relationships with Ra and His Consorts (Hathor, Sekhmet, Bast, Nephthys) and as Amun-Ra (Mut)

Relationships between Ra and His Daughters (Bast, Sekhmet, Mut,  Aset/Isis, Tefnut, Hathor, etc)

Relationships between Ra and the Celestial Cow/Mehet Weret (Forms: Neith, Hathor,  Aset/Isis, Nephthys, Nut)

Relationships between Ra and His Sons (Anubis, Wepwawet, Shu)

Ra  and  His associations with Set or Thoth or Horus

Ra as a Fatherly figure, savior or personal God

We are seeking submissions of:
• poetry and oracles
• hymns and prayers
• devotions, rituals or magical practice
• essays
• academic or scholarly articles (with footnotes and bibliography)
• songs
• short fiction (5,000 word limit)
• artwork (300dpi; black and white only)
• translations of ancient works (must have permission of the copyright owner or translator if not translated directly from the hieroglyphs)

Deadline:  October 1,  2017

Submission Formats: Word Document pasted within the body of an email or as an email attachment. Also please put RA SUBMISSION in the title of the email.

Rights: Worldwide, non-exclusive for print book and e-book formats (contributors retain all rights to their work); projected release date is TBA through;

Contributors: There is no monetary compensation for contributors. Contributors will receive a free PDF copy of the book for personal use and a coupon code to purchase the book at a discount.  A permission to publish form will be sent out via email once all the submissions are received.



Epithets of Nut

Epithets of Nut

At Whose Feet is Eternity

Brilliant One


Coverer of Heaven


Daughter of Shu

Dominates the Northern Sky

Effective One

Established One of Geb

Eye of Ra

Female Pig Who Eats Her Piglets

Goddess of the Sycamore Tree

Grand Horizon


Great Being Who is in the World of the Dead

Great Divine Beloved Soul

Great Ihet-Cow Who Brings Ra into the Day

Great Lady

Great, Mother of God

Great One

Great Princess at the Birthplace

Great, Who Gave Birth to the Gods

Great Wild Cow

Heavenly Cow

In Whose Hand is the Always

Lady of Heaven

Lady of the Sycamore

Land of Your West

Lofty One

Mighty Goddess in the Womb of Your Mother Tefnut

Mighty One in Your Mother

Mistress of Big

Mistress of Heaven/the Sky

Mistress Over the Earth


Mother of All the Gods

Mother of God

Mother of God of the Gods and Goddesses

Mother of Heaven

Mother of Set

Mother of the Gods

Mother of the Stars

Mysterious One

One with a Thousand Souls

One Who Hears

Perfect Daughter

Powerful from Her Mother

Queen of All Gods and Goddesses


Scepter of the Sky


She Who Bore the Gods

She Who Comes Out of the Arms of Aker

She Who Extends Her Arms

She Who Gives Birth to the Gods

She Who Gives Birth to Ra Everyday


Soul of the Brilliant One

Sovereign of All the Gods

She of the Braided Hair Who Bore the Gods

The Great

The Mighty

Uniter of the Two Lands of Geb

Uraeus Serpent

Veil of Heaven

Venerable One

Venerable and Powerful

Venerable in the Shrine-of-the-Venerable

Who Bore the Gods

Who Came into Being in the Sky

Who Counts the Days

Who Does Fill Every Place with Her Beauty

Who Gave Birth to the Gods

Who Gives Birth to the Gods

Who Gives Birth to the Rulers of the Country

Who Has Given Birth to All the Gods

Who is Crowned like the King of the North

Who is Mighty

Who is in the Mysterious Abyss

Who Protects the Son of Wesir

Who Rose in Splendor as the Bee

Who Shelters Him (Heru)

Who Spreadest Over Me

Whose Adornments are Among the Goddesses

You are Above Your Father Shu

You Have Encompassed the Earth, Everything is in Your Two Hands

You have United the Earth in Every Place


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Festivals of Nut

So all of the dates are from the various ancient Egyptian calendars.  I included some with just epithets listed which I thought pertained to Nut such as “Lady of Stars” and some may pertain to Hethert-Nut (Hathor-Nut) rather than just Nut.

Monthly Festivals

6th Lunar Day–Sacred to Nut

28th Lunar Day–Going forth of Nut

1st Akhet/Thoth/August
1-Wep Ronpet: New Year: Opening of the Year
4-Feast of Nut
7-Day of Welcoming the Rising of the River
11-Procession of the Great Flame (Eye of Ra)
13-Feast of Nut
14-Feast of Nut
14-Speech of Weret Hekau/Magician
22-Speech of Weret Hekau/Magician

2nd Akhet/Paopi/September

3rd Akhet/Hethara/October
3-Speech of Nut, the Great

4th Akhet/Koiak/November
4-Speech of Nut, Who Gave Birth to the Gods
21-Speech of Nut, the Great, the Mother of God
24-Speech of Nut, Lady of Heaven

1 Peret/Tybi/December
15-Speech of Nut
25-Establishment the Celestial Cow, Descent of the Dove

2 Peret/Mechir/January
30-Speech of Nut, the Great, Who Gave Birth to the Gods

3 Peret/Pamenot/February
8-Speech of Nut
10-Procession of Neseret
17-Speech of Weret Hekau/Magician
18-Feast of Nut, Who Counts the Days
19-Birthday of Nut
22-Speech of Nut, Lady of Heaven

4 Peret/Parmuthi/March
2-Speech of Nut
20-Speech of the Lady of the Solar Rays
21-Speech of the Lady of the Sycamore

1 Shomu/Pachons/April
3-Speech of Nut
8-Speech of Nut, Lady of Heaven
23-Speech of Nut

2 Shomu/Payni/May
20-Speech of the Lady of Stars
28-Speech of Nut

3 Shomu/Epiphi/June
15-Speech of Nut
23-Speech of the Uraeus
26-Speech of the Lady of Light

4 Shomu/Mesore/July
5-Feast of Nut, Speech of the Lady of Light
7-Speech of the Lady of Divine Liquor
9-Speech of the Lady of the Horizon
10-Speech of the Lady of the Mirror
18-Speech of the Lioness
24-Speech of the Lady of Heaven


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Aset, Lady of the West

As I was sitting in shrine tonight, I was staring at all the shrines with their candles lit and their offerings laid out.

I thought of Aset as She is my Spiritual Mother. The specific Aset I get is as Aset Amenti or Aset as Lady of the West. And I’m finding a few things out about this Goddess that I didn’t know before. Lady of the West is a title of many Goddesses: Nut, Hethert, Nebet Het and Aset, Herself. As I thought about this I thought about separate experiences with Aset-Hethert, Aset-Nut, and Aset-Nebet Het.

It is strange because I have been told by a friend that Aset Amenti sounds like Aset as Nebet Het as She speaks.

The Lady of the West here encompasses more than just the Dead for Me.
I am the Queen of Heaven.
I am the Goddess of the Stars at night.
I am the Star shining a light through darkness.
I guide and lead the Dead.
I counsel and care for the Living.
I am Hethert. I am Nut.
I am with My Sister, here.
I am Aset Amenti.
I am Aset as Nebet Het who is Aset.
This is who I am, child.
I am Aset all the time and yet,
I encompass more than you can imagine.
Yes, Nebet Het is My sister.
Yet, I am Her and She is Me.
This is a Mystery.
Let it unfold.