Divine Beings, Earthly Praise

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Here is a collection of poems about various Goddesses, Orisha and Gods from around the world.

Within Divine Beings, Earthly Praise, you will find poetry of:

  • Athena, the Bright-Eyed.
  • Frigga, Queen of Asgard.
  • Hekate, Queen of the Crossroads
  • Hela, Queen of Helheim.
  • Hera, Queen of Olympos, Zeus, King of Olympos  and Poseidon, the King of the Sea
  • Hestia, Hearth Goddess
  • Nana Buruku, the Primordial Mother
  • Obatala, King of the White Cloth
  • Olokun, the Ocean’s Depths
  • Osanyin, Herbal Medicine
  • Oshun, the Beautiful River
  • Oya, Queen of Wind and Rain
  • Shango, of Thunder
  • Yemaya, the Queen of the Ocean

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