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  • Two Horizons:  Ancient Hymns for Egyptian Gods

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  • Mother of Nine: An Anthology for Oya

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  • Lady of Water and Flame: Ancient Hymns for Tefnut
  • Lady of Magic: Honoring Aset Today
  • Lady of Sunbeams: Ancient Hymns for Mut
  • Lord of Eternity: An Anthology for Osiris
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River, Star and Sky is now available!

River, Star and Sky: Poems for the Egyptian Gods is now available in paperback and Kindle! These are poems I have written. They are not from ancient sources.

Here is the page with more information:

River, Star and Sky

Frigga, Goddesses

Honor Frigga on Disablot


February 2

The Hearth Goddess Frigga is honored here along with the Disir and other female Holy Powers.  Within Urglaawe, the Hearth (place where Frigga’s fire is kept) is cleaned and Frigga is honored as a goddess of creative power as well as a defender of the home and hearth.[1]  In these modern times, the hearth can be in the fireplace, kitchen or just a candle on a shrine.

Frigga (Frigg) is the Germanic Goddess of the home, hearth, family, childbirth, weaving, spinning, craft-work, artisans, wisdom, folk magic and fate. She is the Queen of Asgard, First of the Goddesses, Mother of the Gods, Queen of Heaven, Wife of Odin, and Mother of Baldr.  She is a seeress as well and is the only one besides Odin himself who can sit on Hlidskjalf and see throughout all the Nine Realms.

She is also the Goddess of the Ancestral Mothers (Disir) and Norns.  She weaves the clouds and thus, the weather. She is the Goddess of the Orion’s Belt.


  • Apple Cider
  • Apple Juice
  • Cakes
  • Mead
  • Milk
  • Pastries
  • Pink Roses
  • Riesling Wine

I have published an anthology for Frigga which can be found here:  Queen of the Hearth: An Anthology for Frigga

[1]   Schreiwer, Robert.  A Brief Introduction to Urglaawe.  (PA:  Die Urglaawisch Sippschaft vum Distelfink, 2009), 14 and 29.