Queen of the Hearth

Cover by Andrew M.  All Rights Reserved.

Frigga (Frigg) is the Germanic Goddess of the home, hearth, family, childbirth, weaving, spinning, craft-work, artisans, wisdom, folk magic and fate. She is the Queen of Asgard, First of the Goddesses, Mother of the Gods, Queen of Heaven, Wife of Odin, and Mother of Baldr.  She is a seeress as well and is the only one besides Odin himself who can sit on Hlidskjalf and see throughout all the Nine Realms.

She is also the Goddess of the Ancestral Mothers (Disir) and Norns.  She weaves the clouds and thus, the weather. She is the Goddess of the Orion’s Belt.

In Queen of the Hearth, you will find:

  • Essays
  • Rituals
  • Poetry
  • Holidays
  • Sacred Names and Titles

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