Important Things

Love. Happiness.

Courage and Strength.

These are the important things.

Along with friendship, family and fortitude.

Integrity and Good Character.

Knowledge, Education and Discernment.

Prosperity, Beauty and Gratitude.

Honoring Goddesses and Gods.

Honoring the Dead.

These are the important things.




You are Loved

You are Loved

by JewelofAset

You need to love yourself

like a good parent

like a sibling

like a best friend

love your inner child

You are loved

You are adored

You are wanted

You are cherished

You are loved.

Do you know what it means to feel loved?

With a Hug

With a kiss

With a gesture of kindness

With a thoughtful gift

With romantic gestures

With aiding someone

Being there for someone

Petting a cat or dog

What makes you feel loved?


Spending time with people


People who are there in an emergency or health crisis

Curling up with a book when it’s raining outside

Spending time with friends because you are wanted and need to be there

Good Family and Friends

Feeling loved when people do kind things for you

You need to feel loved just by existing as an awesome human

Notice all of this requires movement

You don’t sit idly by

You do

You act

You perform these tasks

So this love you crave for yourself

You must treat yourself as you would


whom you love

Firestorm and Lightning


by Jeff Dahl

To be published in Sun, Star and Desert Sand: Poems for the Egyptian Gods.

Firestorm and Lightning

by Chelsea Luellon Bolton

Nebet Het is the Wayward Daughter

She marries the Red Lord

Of the Desert Lands


by Jeff Dahl

She marries Him

And Their love is eternal

They bring change and sorrow

They bring transformation

The change He brings is Swift, Brutal


You can’t turn away

From the lies you tell yourself

Or the hidden truths you wish to keep locked away

You cannot hide from your desires

With a slew of excuses Continue reading

Advice from Hethert



By Jeff Dahl.  Creative Commons  License.

Here is some advice I received from Hethert (Hathor):

How do I bring more joy into my life?

Answer:  Do what you love for no other reason than it brings you joy.  Read.  Write.  Watch TV.  Paint.  Sculpt.  Create music.  Make love.  Go for a run or walk.  Walk your dog.  Play with your cat. Ride a bike.  Visit a friend.  Visit a loved one.  Call or text someone you care for.  Know  that you are not alone.

In your struggles.  In your pain.  In any of this.  None of you are alone.

Call out to Hethert, the Mistress of Joy.

And  She will bring you joy.