Magician, Mother and Queen

Magician, Mother and Queen ebook
Cover by Andrew M.

Bright Goddess of the dawn and dusk.  She is the Goddess of all three realms of Heaven, Earth and the Underworld.  These are some of the attributes given to Aset, the ancient Egyptian Goddess commonly known as Isis. She is a Goddess of kingship, sovereignty, magic, knowledge, healing, divination and owns Ra’s Hidden Name.

Presented here is a scholarly paper about the ancient Egyptian Goddess Aset.

In  Magician, Mother and Queen, you will find Aset’s aspects and characteristics explored through academic research.

Some aspects explored include:

  • Goddess of Magical Power: Egyptian, Greek and Coptic
  • Lady of the Celestial Sphere
  • Goddess of the Ka-power and the Underworld
  • Lady of the Nile
  • Solar Goddess and Eye of Ra
  • Goddess of Her sacred animals
  • Her associations with Wesir, Ra and Heru
  • Her associations with Nebet Het and other Goddesses

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