Kemetic or Graeco-Egyptian Websites

Kemetic FAQ
The title says it all.
The main website of the House of Netjer/Kemetic Orthodox Faith.

Kemet Today
This is the ancient Egyptian religious blog of Tamara Siuda, Egyptologist, author and spiritual leader.

Neos Alexandria
A Graeco-Egyptian syncretic polytheist group. They publish many devotionals for Egyptian, Greek, Roman and even Sumerian and Canaanite deities.

Fellowship of Isis
An international, multi-faith organization that worships many Goddesses from pantheons across the world.

Fellowship of Isis–Central Website
Another main site of the FOI.

This is the blog of Isidora Forrest, Priestess and author of Isis Magic and Offering to Isis. The second edition of Isis Magic is available here Isis Magic


House of Netjer Forums
The forums of the Kemetic Orthodox Faith.

The Cauldron: A Pagan Forum
A Pagan Interfaith forum.

Websites of Gods and Goddesses

The resource on the Internet about Anubis, Wepwawet, Anput and other Jackal Gods.

The Temple of Nut
This is a wonderful website with prayers, rituals and information on the ancient Egyptian Goddess Nut, Lady of Heaven and Stars.

This is a great resource about the lioness and cat Goddess Bast.


Other Sites

Kemetic Roundtable Project
Many Kemetics are participating in the Kemetic Roundtable Project where a topic is posted about Kemetic Religion and various bloggers write about that topic. Here is the main website for it with a backlist of previous entries.

Cat Folk
Cat Folk has some great, breathtaking songs of the Ancient Egyptian Gods and Goddesses.

Suns in Her Branches
The website of the author Kiya Nicoll.


Charity is a part of paying it forward. Here are some great organizations you can support in various ways.

Helping Tawy
This is the fundraising site for the Kemetic Orthodox House of Netjer.

This organization helps the blind and visually impaired with classes, technology training and other skills to live a fulfilling life.

Planned Parenthood
An organization that provides reproductive healthcare to women.

Help with political, social, educational, economic equality for African-Americans.

Lost and Endangered Religions Project
Helping preserve many ancient, indigenous and endangered religious traditions.

Hera Women’s Cancer Foundation
Helping women with cancer.

Guide Dogs of America
A training center for guide dogs and those who need them.
A non-profit organization working to save endangered cats such as lions, tigers, jaguars, and cougars.


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