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Some Lovely Witchcraft

I have been interested in Witchcraft for many years. (I follow a Goddess of Magic, is anyone here surprised?). I’ve done spells and read books and now I watch Youtube channels. Here are some of my favorite witchcraft related Youtube channels!

The Witch of Wonderlust

A great teacher with a channel about witchcraft, pole dancing, interviews and vlogging. A wonderful channel!

Hearth Witch

Her videos are so informative and she is a great teacher. Her channel is mostly about witchcraft and British magic. A great channel!

Kelly-Ann Maddox

Kelly-Ann Maddox is a professional Tarot and Oracle card reader. She has tons of informative videos on witchcraft, paganism, the Goddesses (Hel and Mary) and Shadow Work. She is the author of Rebel Witch and has a website: Kelly-Ann Maddox

Thorn Mooney

Thorn is a Gardnerian Priestess and very knowledgeable about her stuff. Her videos are thought-provoking pieces about witchcraft and the witchcraft community. She is the author of Traditional Wicca and The Witch’s Path.