Beauty and Strength Now Available!

My book is published! This is the 9th collection of ancient Hymns I have published for ancient Egyptian Gods and Goddesses!

Here is the page with all the details: Beauty and Strength

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Epagomenal Day 4: Birthday of Aset!

Happy Birthday to Aset, Daughter of Nut, Sister of Nebet Het, Wife of Wesir. Aset, the Fiercely Bright One, Magician, Great of Magic, Cleverest of Gods, She Who Arose in the Beginning as the Magician, Mother of Mothers, with the Beautiful Throne, Thrice Great Goddess!

Chant to Aset, Auset, Iset (Isis) from the Pharaoh’s Golden Parade

Link: Chant to the Goddess Aset, Iset, Auset (Isis)

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Books Update

Almost Ready to Send to Formatter

Beauty and Strength: Ancient Hymns for Egyptian Gods.

Lady of the Temple: Ancient Hymns for Nephthys (2nd Edition).

Works in Progress

I changed the title of my Mut book. It is now called Sunbeams Fall From Her: An Anthology for Mut.

Still working on: Lady of the Throne: An Anthology for Aset  

I’m still working on Lady of Arrows: An Anthology for Neith and Lady of the Library: An Anthology for Seshat.