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117 Adorations of Aset

There was an Adorations list of deities going around the blog-sphere not too long ago.

Here are mine for Aset.

Adorations of Aset

I adore You…Lady Aset
Mother of God
Mistress of the All the Stars
Lady of the West
Great of Magic
Sorceress Who Heals
Who Knows Her Spells
Fiercely Bright One
Who Knows Ra by His Own Name
Who Makes Magic
Who Protects Her Father
Who Protects Her Brother
Mother of Heru
Who Comes to Him/Her Who Calls
Who Can Expel Poison with Her Spell
Giver of Life
Lady of Philae
Who Attacks the Powerful Ones
Eye of Ra
Vanguard of the Army
Sun Goddess
Sovereign Who Governs the Orb of Sunlight
Ruler of the Stars
Speaker of Magic
Lady of the Two Lands
Sovereign of the Library
Sopdet, Opener of the Year
Lady of Heaven, Earth and the Duat
Ruler of the Gods and Goddessess
Daughter of Ra
Daughter of Nut
Daughter of Geb
Sister of Wesir
Sister of Nebet Het
Radiant Lady
Queen of All Women
Pure Jewel
Pure of Thrones
Queen and Restorer of Health
Possessor of Magical Protection
More Clever than a Million of Gods
Mourning Woman
Mother of the King
Mother of All the Gods
Mistress of the Sistrum
Golden One
Mistress of the Gods Who Knows Ra by His Own Name
Mistress of the Beginning of the Year
Mistress of Myrrh
Lady of Magic
Mistress of Battle
Lady of Flame
Bringer of Flame
Maker of the Sunrise
Magician in the Library
Lapis-Lazuli Colored
Lady of Writing
Lady of the Horizon
Lady of the Tomb
Lady of Green Fields
Lady of Divine Praise
Lady of Bread
Lady of Beer
King Maker
Kite Goddess of the Gods of the Netherworld
Heru Goddess
Great of Carnage
Heavenly Cow
Goddess Who Manifests Her Power
Goddess Who Loves Her Brother
Goddess Who Guides
Glorious of Speech
Giver of Wealth
First Royal Spouse of Wennefer
Foremost of the Goddesses
Fiery Goddess
Fiery One
Fiery Serpent
Female Ruler
Female Libationer
Female Ra
Female Hippopotamus
Egg of the Goose (Geb)
Divine Mother of Kamutef
Divine Menat Necklace
Creates Breath with Her Wings
Clever of Tongue
Born of Her Mother
Brilliant One
Beautiful Lady
Excellent of Words
Female Bes
She Who Arose at the Beginning as Magician
She Who Fills the Sky and Earth with Her Beauty
She Who Creates Prosperity
She who is Avenged/who Avenges
She Who is Upon Her Throne
Sovereign of the Flower of Lapis-Lazuli
Goddess Who Gives Burial
Sovereign of the Gods and Goddesses
To Whom One Prays to in All Places
Who Destroys the Enemies of Her Brother
Who Slays Apep in an Instant
Who Smites Millions by Cutting Off Their Heads
Who Rises and Dispels Darkness
Who Saves All Those She Loves on the Battlefield
Who Manifestations are Numerous in the Cities of the Gods
Who Repels the Enemies from the Shores of Heru
Who Bewitches Everything
Who is Ignorant of Nothing in Heaven or on Earth
Clever Woman
More Intelligent than Countless Gods


Akhu Offerings

The Akhu are the ancestors. Along with a shrine to the Netjeru, Kemetics (along with other Pagans and people of indigenous faiths) also have a shrine set aside for their beloved dead. And Aset in particular is associated with this practice. After Wesir died, She gave Her dead husband offerings. She instituted the rites to honor the ancestors. And at the Temple of Philae, Aset was taken in a Procession to Wesir’s Temple at Biggeh to oversee the Priests giving offerings to the slain God once every 10 days (Ancient Egyptian week). Wesir here represents all of the dead.

Ancestral Altars

*images of the dead (no living people in them)
*offering bowl for water libations
*implements associated with the cultures of your ancestral dead
*a candle or electric lamp
*incense or essential oil

These altars can be placed in many areas. Mine like to be in the living room.

Offerings to the Dead

*fruits and vegetables

What is specifically offered to the dead is not consumed by the living. If one wishes to share a meal with them, I’d place a small portion of what you are offering on a separate plate and then eat the rest yourself.

The Ka is inherited from the dead (and the gods). When one offers to the dead, one is cleansing one’s own ka and the kau of one’s Ancestral Line. When you heal yourself, you help heal your ancestors.

To dispose of offerings, either:

*pour them out as a libation to the earth
*Place them in a trash bag and throw them away in the trash

Everyone has ancestors. Anyone can do this practice. If you have some ancestors that you’d rather not honor due to abuse or for some other reason, you don’t have to. Go back farther. There will be those Blessed Dead who will appreciate your devotional acts and wish to help you. And you don’t have to know them. They know you.

Notes: Books I’d Recommend

*Laura Patsouris. Weaving Memory: A Guide to Honoring the Ancestors. Asphodel Press, 2011.

*Tobe Melora Correal. Finding Soul on the Path of Orisa. Crossing Press, 2003.

Honoring the ancestors is a third of this book.

Aset, Auset, Isis, Nebet Het, Nephthys

Aset/Isis and Nebet Het/Nephthys

Aset and Nebet Het are often paired in Ancient Egyptian Mythology especially within the myths of Wesir. These two Goddesses are called the Two Sisters, Two Kites, Two Mourners, Two Wives, Two Women, Two Ladies, Two Widows, Two Cobras and Two Goddesses.

Other ways these Two Goddesses are Paired:
*The syncretic or composite deity, the Ma’ati (Aset-Nebet Het)
*Mourners and Wives of Wesir
*Mothers of Heru
*Queen of Amenti
*Lady of Heaven/Celestial Cow
*Eye of Ra
*Daughters of Ra
*Daughter of Geb and Nut/Earth and Sky
*Solar Goddess
*Rulers of Heaven, Earth and the Dead
*Whose tears form rain to flood the Nile and give fertility to the Earth
*Protector of Shrines and Doorways of Temples
*Maker of the Sunrise and Sunset
*Guider of Souls

These Two Sisters are even said to be so close that one is never far from the other. They are Twins, who are dressed alike with only a headdress to tell them apart. This is true of some other Egyptian gods too. Both are depicted with their arms outstretched with wings, or wearing dresses with a winged pattern or as Kites with their respective Crowns on their heads.

In the Pyramid Texts, Aset goes up with the Day-Barque and Nebet Het goes up with the Night Barque. But they are both there at dawn and dusk. They are both liminal goddesses who greet the dead upon their arrival. These Two Goddesses traveled together searching for Wesir’s body, finding it and preparing the body for burial. They raised Heru together. They work magic and spells together.

They were worshiped in Shrines together and in temples. And if Aset was not worshiped in a particular town, Nebet Het would fill that role. At El-Qa’la, Aset, Nebet Het and Min were worshiped as a triad.

These Two Goddesses are very close.

In modern times, we can look to these Two Goddesses as an inspiration for close friends, sisters, wives in a polyamorous relationship or even as lovers. We can also look to them as complimentary opposites within ourselves, nature and the cosmos. They are the Divine Twins.

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Close to God

Here is a message I received from Aset today.

Close to God

by JewelofAset

Dear child,
who gave you the idea
that you are not Divine?
Who told you that being a lesbian
means that a part of you is not of God?
Dear child,
You are Divine
in all your parts
you are Divine
You have the Ka of the Gods who made you
That part of you is from Us
You are Divine
as is sex
Just ask Me, Aset
Just ask Hetharu
Love is Divine
Sex is Divine
Your body is Divine

It is an aspect of your soul
Your Khat
Who told you that you are not Divine?
That you are not of God?  Of Goddess?
Of both sexes or one?
Of both sexes or none?

All are Divine
All have a Ka
All live
So all have a Ka
This is their Divinity

Kau is Kau
It is not different
Different Lineages are all interconnected
For all Kau comes from the Creator

All is Divine
You are of God
You are of Goddess
You are of Me



*Ka (pl: Kau) is the life force.  This is from the Creator to Us through our Family Line.  Everything has a Ka: Gods, humans, animals and nature.

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Welcome to the Home of the Fiercely Bright One

Welcome to my blog.  This is my spiritual blog dedicated to my Spiritual Mother Aset (Greek Isis).  One of Her titles is “Fiercely Bright One”.*  I will discuss my devotional practices and ongoing research about the Goddess Aset and a few other Kemetic (Ancient Egyptian) deities.  I will also talk about some other Gods and Goddesses I follow from other pantheons.

May Aset’s Blessings be yours.

Home of the Fiercely Bright One
By JewelofAset

This is the home of the Fiercely Bright One

The Goddess who will not be denied

I will burn as brightly as the Sun in the Sky

My rays will touch all who come here

My rays will warm their hearts

and their own light will shine

their own Kau will be fed

As offerings do

Do not worry, Child.

I am with you.

*The Book of Coming Forth By Day, trans. By James P. Allen, (Oriental Institute of Chicago, 1948), 63.   BOD 69.

*Ka (pl. Kau) is the life force within the Kemetic concept of the soul.  Within Kemetic religion, both Gods and humans have kau.  When offerings are given, both the kau of gods and people are nourished and renewed.