Mut-Bast or Bast-Mut: Poem

Mut-Bast: Goddess of Women

by JewelofAset

I empower all women

For I am a Goddess

All Goddesses are the Goddess of Women

As We are Women too

Yet, as Hethert is the Goddess of Motherhood

And Procreation

I am not

I am the Goddess of Women

As Mothers, as Wives

But I am not The Mother

I am not The Wife

That is for Hethert

Not Me

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Set, Lord of the Oasis Oracle


by Jeff Dahl

Set, Lord of the Oasis Oracle

by JewelofAset

Set,  Lord of the Oasis

This is My message:

The People need Me.

in their divination system

I am their Oasis Lord

I am the God of the Countryside

I am the God of the Land

I am the Oasis Lord

I am the God of Crocodiles and Snakes

I ward off evil

I slay the Serpent Enemy of the Gods

I wear the Double Crown,

with the Head of the Hawk

I am Lord of the Oasis

Call on Me

Through Oracles

Through Divination

Through Ritual

Through Praise

Call on Me

During My Festival

Project Updates

So, I got permissions back for Mother of Magic: Ancient Hymns for Aset.  Now, all I need to do is go over the manuscript and send it off to the formatters.  This book has hymns from Philae, Dendera, Soknopaiou Nesos, Shanhur and some New Kingdom texts.   There is also an updated festival calendar and epithets list.

She Speaks Through Silence: An Anthology for Nephthys.  I have hymns from various sources such as Philae, Dendera, Komir and Edfu.  I have essays, articles, tons of poetry,  rituals and a festival calendar and epithets list.

Solar Flares and Sunbeams: An Anthology for Ra and His Daughters.  I have some hymns for Ra, poetry, a festival calendar and an epithets list.

Lady of the Double Crown: An Anthology for Mut.   I have some ancient hymns, an essay, poetry, a festival calendar and  an epithets list.

Lioness Goddess, Lioness Queen: An Anthology for Sekhmet.  I have some ancient hymns, poetry, a festival  calendar and an epithets list.

Lord of Eternity: An Anthology for Osiris.  I have some ancient hymns, poetry, a festival calendar and an epithets list.

Goddesses of Creation

Goddesses of Creation

by Chelsea Luellon Bolton

Note: This  will be published in She Speaks Through Silence.

Aset is the North Wind and West Wind,

Nebet Het is the East Wind

She is your breath;

She is there as you breathe,

As you speak,

As you sing,

As you wail,

As you scream,

She is there with you in joy and sorrow.

Breathe and She is with you.

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Epithets of Sarapis

Epithets of Sarapis

Greek and Roman Epithets

  • Conservator Augusti–August Savior
  • Cosmocrator–Sovereign of the Cosmos
  • de Canope-of Canope
  • Epeekos–Who Listens to Prayers
  • Helios–sun god
  • Keraunios–Thunder or Thunderer
  • Pantheus–All God

English Epithets

  • Allocator
  • Beneficent One
  • Curator of Any of the Fleet of Alexandria
  • Glorious Lord
  • Glorious Lord, Sovereign of the Cosmos
  • Great One
  • Greatly Honored
  • Holy Lord
  • Holy Lord, Who Sings Numerous Times, Greatly Honored
  • Invincible
  • Living Eternally
  • Master of the Earth and the Sea
  • Master of the Earth and the Sea and all the Living World
  • Nourisher
  • Savior
  • Solar
  • Sovereign
  • Sovereign of the Cosmos
  • Sovereign of the Universe
  • Very Great
  • Who Listens to Prayers
  • Who operates with Good Courage
  • Who operates healing
  • Who Provides Wealth
  • Who Sings Numerous Times


  • Helios-Sarapis
  • Keraunios-Helios-Sarapis
  • Osiris-Sarapis
  • Zeus-Sarapis
  • Zeus-Helios-Sarapis
  • Zeus-Helios, Great Sarapis
  • Zeus-Sarapis-Helios


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Projects Update

Waiting on Permissions

An anthology for Aset/Isis: Mother of Magic: Ancient Hymns for Aset.  This is a collection of ancient hymns and prayers for Aset.  I have hymns and prayers from Philae, Dendera, Soknopaios Nesos and some other material.  I also have an updated epithets list and a festival calendar.   I’m waiting on permissions about the material from  Kockelmann,  Holger and Erich Winter.  Philae III: Die Zweite Ostkolonnade des Tempels der Isis in Philae. (CO II und CO II K).  Verlag der Osterreichischen Akademie der Wissenschaften/Austrian Academy of Sciences, 2016.

I have been compiling all the material for this book She Who Speaks Through Silence:  An Anthology for Nephthys.  I am still waiting on some submissions.  Here are  the submission guidelines: Nebet Het Submission Guidelines

A Devotional for Ra and His Daughters:  Solar Flares and Sunbeams.  Here are the submission guidelines:  Ra and His Family Devotional

The tentative title is Lioness Goddess, Lioness Queen: An Anthology for Sekhmet. This a devotional for Sekhmet.  Right now, I have some ancient hymns and some modern poetry.  I also have a festival calendar and an epithets list.  I have to wait for the permissions to include some material.

My Poetry

I have another Ancient Egyptian poetry book in the works, called Sky, River and Sand: Poems for the Egyptian Gods.  I’m iffy on this title.

I Will Aid You

I Will Aid You

by Chelsea Luellon Bolton

Do you remember the promise I made you?

You will never be harmed for loving Me.

This is still here.

This is still now.

I am the Goddess who made the Gods

I am Sopdet, the Star

Shining Bright in the Darkness

I am the Light that guides the way to yourself.

The parts you have lost I can regain.

But you must call out to Me.

For I am the Mother of Heru

and as I healed My son, I made this declaration:

Those who come to Me for My aid

I will help you as I have My son

I will help you like I helped My son.

Everyone is Heru.

Male,  Female,  Third Gender.  Transgender.

All People.

For a King represents all in His Kingdom

And Heru is the King of the People

Heru represents them all.

I am the Goddess of the Throne.

I am the Goddess of Life.

I aid the disenfranchised.

I aid all who call out My Name.

So call on Me

and I will come.

Give Me an offering

no matter how small,

and I will aid you.