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Aset’s Magic: Anger Management

I got this heka from Aset.

Items Needed

  • Image or statue of Aset or Sekhmet
  • Offerings
  • Paper
  • Pen (not red)
  • Bowl of water
  • Salt

Pray to Aset and/or Sekhmet-Mut to help you with your anger.

Give an offering.

Write down what you are angry about.  Crumple the paper and put it in the water.

Sprinkle salt over it.

Pray to the Goddesses to relieve your anger.

Pour out the water outside and throw the paper in the trash.

Take the trash out as soon as possible.

Thank the Goddesses and eat the offerings.



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Musings on Cycles and Creation

Offerings are given so that the Gods’ Kau (vital essence) are fed and ours are fed when we partake of the physical offering after ritual. Eating, breathing, laughing, doing what we enjoy, sex, and creativity, beauty feed our Kau.

Replenishing creation with ritual and food is a sacred act. It is reciprocal creation with the Gods and people. It is an exchange of energy and the axiom “we give so You may give” applies here.

The world is made of cycles. Duality and complimentary opposites working together are one of the main themes in Egyptian myth. And so are cycles.

And cycles are important because anything that stagnates, dies. The solar cycle, the lunar cycle, the Nile cycle, the stellar cycle, the daily cycle and nightly cycle all renew creation and the Gods and humans and the dead.

All renewal brings back the emerging power of the First Time–all magic, all possibility, all power and all potential are in this moment. And this is what ritual does for us and what cleansing the ka does for us.

It brings us back to this moment where anything is possible. Our True Selves emerge here True-of-Voice. Our Star-Souls are held here and we behold creation with the Gods.

The sun emerges from the waters. Light penetrates the darkness. Daybreak fills creation with life.

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Aset, Mistress of Magic and Knowledge

There was a small room in temples set aside for the scrolls that were used for daily ritual or for other functions of the temple. These places were called Pr Md3t or “House of the Papyrus Rolls” or Pr Md3t Pr ‘3 “House of the Papyrus Rolls of the Great House/Palace”.

Some deities were said to be patrons of these areas. Some you’d expect like Seshat, Mistress of the Library, Who Loosens Impurity or Djehuty who was the inventor of writing and patron of scribes. Khnum, Wesir, Heru, and Aset are listed as well.

“Aset is the Mistress of Magic, the magic infused in knowledge as it helps heal and even revive, as Aset did when She revived Wesir to conceive their child Heru who inherited the knowledge of His Mother and benefited from Her infinite protection. As for Wesir Himself, he is the one who taught mankind civilization when he was ruling upon Earth.”

Haikal, Fayza M. “Private Collections and Temple Libraries in Ancient Egypt,” in What Happened to the Ancient Library of Alexandria?. Mostafa A. El-Abbadi and Omnia M. Fathallah, ed. (Brill Academic Publishers, 2008), 44 and 45-46.

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I Speak Words of Magical Power

I Speak Words of Magical Power

by JewelofAset

Creation is maintained by Set and Myself.
We are the Gods that defend the Day.
We are the Ones who slay Ap-p.
We are the Ones who diminish its power.
We cause it to die.
Each Dawn.
Each Day.
Set strikes it with His harpoon.
I diminish its power
with My Magic.
My Words of Magic defeat it.
They are Words of creation.
One way of creating the World
was to speak it into Being.
I speak the Words that maintain it.
I speak the Words that stop Creation from being Un-made.
My Words of Magic are Words of Power.
My Words of Magic uphold Creation.
Do you understand, child?
My Words of Magic are the same Words that began Creation.
These are the Words I speak.
These are the Words of Magic.
These are the Words of My Mouth.
I speak and it becomes.
Creation is maintained.
Because of Me.
Because of Set.
Order and Chaos.
Broken and Mended.
He breaks and I mend.
I am the Word.
I am the Magic.
I am these Personified.
I am the Goddess of these things: both Words and Magical Power.
These I Mine to maintain.
These are My essence.
These are a part of Me.
And these are a part of All of Creation.
For everything is Named.
For everything has Heka.
For everything has Magical Power of the Ka.
I contain the Name of Creation.
I possess the Name of Ra.
And Set has His Name.
And I wield My Power.
Both of Us destroy the One Who is Unmade.
One of Us cannot do this task alone.
Set is chaos.
Set is disorder that brings about change.
Set breaks down that which cannot be maintained.
I am the Order of the Ancestors.
I am the Maker of Kings.
I am the holder of Lineages gone back generations.
I am the Foundation of Transformation.
Both of Us are necessary
for Creation to be maintained.
The Wheat must die to grow again.
One is broken down.
One is renewed.
This is My cycle as the Widow of Wesir.
This is Set’s cycle as the Disturber.
He destroys, while I renew.
I am the Widow.
I lost My husband, the only God to die.
This sorrow is a part of Who I am.
He is the Disturber.
He is the only God to take the life of another.
This is a part of who He is.
One who takes life and one who lost it.
Do you see why We are the Ones Who stand
before that which Destroys?
We value life more than any Other.
One who lost a Beloved.
One who slew the Beloved.
We are the most human of Gods.