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PBP2013: H is for Holy

Holiness is the state of your home.
Is it tidy?
Is it neat?
Does it show pride in yourself and how you live?
Does it show who you are?
with all its furnishings and fixtures?
Do you feel safe in your bed when you go to sleep?
Do you smile in the kitchen as the food is cooking?
Do you work at your computer, satisfied with yourself?
If not, child.
Then change your surroundings.
Re-arrange your home
Buy new furniture
Get rid of things that no longer serve you
Re-make your home reflect who you are
So that the home becomes your temple
A place where you can be yourself
and honor the Gods and Goddesses
who dwell there

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I Exist

I am a Goddess, child.
Who do you think you’re talking to,
when you come to My shrine?
The one you placed Me upon
My statue is there.
You call upon Me there
You say My name there
as if this is prayer of itself
as if I am too fantastic to be real
I’m a nice idea
I’m a nice concept
But to believe in Me
as a Goddess
as a Being wholly unto Myself
That is something you struggle with, child.
I am here
I am here as you read these words
I am here as you walk your dog
I am here as you ride your bicycle
I am alive
I exist
whether you believe in Me or not
You exist
even if you do not know personally all of humanity
you believe in their existence,
why not I?

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PBP2013: G is for Liminal Goddess

You do not understand, child.
The way is not for you to decide
It is Mine
I am the Mistress of Roads
I am the Mother of Wepwawet
I am the Seeker of the Sacred at the Shaman’s Gate
This is who I am
as the Goddess of liminal spaces
I am Lady of the West, Goddess of the Duat, Queen of the Dead
I am the Lady of Burial and the Mummy’s shroud
I am the Goddess of the Rebirth of the Sun
I am the Goddess of the Journey of Stars
The Roads are Mine
As the Queen of Heaven and Lady of All the Stars
This is the Way to the Duat
This is the realm you travel to in your dreams
And this is My realm
this is My domain
I am the Goddess here
I am the Tree Goddess
I am the Cow Goddess
I am the Hippopotamus Goddess
I am the Mistress of Stars
I am the Lady of the Duat
I am the link between the worlds
as the Tree that connects them
as the Cow who transforms those who cross
as the Hippo who gave birth to Stars
I am the Mystery
I am the Goddess of Many Names, of Many Forms
I am the Star Goddess
of creation and the transformation of the souls
I am the Goddess of Dreams and of Magic
I am the Goddess of the Ka-Power of the Ancestors
I am the Magician who walks in Her own Power
through all the worlds

Aset, Auset, Isis

Kemetic Round Table: Daily Life

How does being a Kemetic effect your daily life? Does it?

Yes, this does effect my daily life. It effects how early I get up in the morning in order to do ritual for Aset. It effects my writing; I’m writing a devotional book, an oracle book and translating hymns for a Hymnal book for Aset.

It effects what I eat. Aset has given me taboos and has suggested I eat certain foods (mostly unprocessed and healthy). When I shop for groceries, I get food that the Gods and Goddesses have told me They would like as offerings (Strawberries, milk, Riesling wine and pastries for Aset; red wine for Sekhmet-Mut, Bast and Oya; coffee for Wepwawet; Riesling wine for many Goddesses/Orisha such as Aset, Frigga, Freyja and Yemaya;).

It effects my finances. What do I spend money on? Do I buy a statue, a shrine item or a book?

I clean my home once a week for the Gods and Goddesses of my hearth and home.

Do you do things differently than you used to because of your faith/religion?

Yes. I am a better person now than I have been in a long while. I am healing my soul, aligning my souls so that I can walk in my own power and eventually help others do the same.

I am better able to manage my depression, anxiety and stress levels. I’m kinder to myself. I feel more worthy as a person and a human being. This has healed me in ways I can’t seem to express well in words.

Master list for this project: Kemetic Roundtable: Daily Life