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PBP2013: H is for Holy

Holiness is the state of your home.
Is it tidy?
Is it neat?
Does it show pride in yourself and how you live?
Does it show who you are?
with all its furnishings and fixtures?
Do you feel safe in your bed when you go to sleep?
Do you smile in the kitchen as the food is cooking?
Do you work at your computer, satisfied with yourself?
If not, child.
Then change your surroundings.
Re-arrange your home
Buy new furniture
Get rid of things that no longer serve you
Re-make your home reflect who you are
So that the home becomes your temple
A place where you can be yourself
and honor the Gods and Goddesses
who dwell there

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PBP2013: G is for Getting Things Done

Do one small thing. If you are drained or have no drive. No will.

Do one thing. This can be a small thing. Not a large thing. Not a difficult or complex task.

Just one thing.

And this will start to take your entropy away. This will restore your energy. This will restore your soul.

Your will in action.

One thing will bring you closer to desire.

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I Exist

I am a Goddess, child.
Who do you think you’re talking to,
when you come to My shrine?
The one you placed Me upon
My statue is there.
You call upon Me there
You say My name there
as if this is prayer of itself
as if I am too fantastic to be real
I’m a nice idea
I’m a nice concept
But to believe in Me
as a Goddess
as a Being wholly unto Myself
That is something you struggle with, child.
I am here
I am here as you read these words
I am here as you walk your dog
I am here as you ride your bicycle
I am alive
I exist
whether you believe in Me or not
You exist
even if you do not know personally all of humanity
you believe in their existence,
why not I?