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Navigation of Aset 2

Here is the previous post about this topic. You may be lost if you haven’t read this before. Navigation of Aset/Isis.

I can’t help shake the feeling that this festival in its Kemetic version was very much like the Aset Luminous celebration. They all have to do with Aset searching for Wesir (or going to His Temple), torches for guiding the way, boats traveling on water and giving offerings to the Goddess. Navigation Festivals sometimes had oracles.

I’m not sure how much these connect. Aset Luminous or Festival of Lights of Aset may have been more than once or year or commemorated at more than one festival.

I will have to do more research.

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PBP2013: D is for Devotional Practice

Devotional practice is a huge part of my…practice. I do ritual for Aset, light candles, incense (essential oil for me due to migraines) and I give offerings of food and drink. I have shrines throughout my home. I have a Hearth Shrine with Frigga statue and an Aset suckling Heru statue in my kitchen. I have two candles on it, one for each Goddess and a bowl for liquid offerings (mostly Riesling Wine or Juice or Water). I try to give an offering at least twice a week if not more. I try to do more, but sometimes I just don’t have the spoons or I forget.

I have a larger shrine for Aset in my bedroom. I have two statues, animal-theophany figurines, candles, a blue with stars oil diffuser, a sistrum, a bowl for water libations, a saki-pitcher to hold the water before it is poured, a fire-starter, and a Prayer-Jar.

Tending a shrine with ritual and offerings is one way of doing devotional practice. There are other ways. I translate hymns for Aset from academic books often in French and German. I read books on Her. I honor my ancestors. I write on this blog. I do Oracle Readings. I write ritual for Aset.

And I do more mundane things. I shower on a daily basis. I clean my home. I clean my shrines. I do laundry. Yes, laundry. Dressing in many bright colors (especially blue, white and yellow) is a part of my devotional work for Aset. I make necklaces and I wear necklaces of Aset on certain days. I eat certain foods (green peppers, strawberries, chocolate milk and chicken or beef or shrimp) and have some taboos (pork, fish and eggs by themselves).

I watch T.V. shows that make me happy. I feed my heart and Ka with what I love.

And this honors my Goddess and myself.

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PBP2013: C is for Calendar

I’m working on calendars. I’m working on one for the Devotional Book and Hymnal Books I’m writing for Aset. There are festival days to Aset like “Awakening of Aset by the Majesty of Ra” which celebrates Her power as a sun goddess and there is one called “Celebration of Aset Giving Birth to Heru-sa-Aset” which is an 18 day festival (for an 18 Day festival I wish there was more in the ancient sources of what to do for it). There is the “Conception of Heru-sa-Aset by Aset and Wesir”. There’s Aset’s Festival of Lights: Aset Luminous (Procession of Aset, the Brilliant, Mother of God). Then there are a few more I just found called “Aset, the Goddess” and “Aset, the Great, Mother of God, Mistress of Stars”.

I’m glad we have these festival names and dates, but for the majority of them, we have no idea of what to do. How many “Feast of Aset” or “Festival of Aset” have you seen? How do you celebrate them? How do we honor the Goddess? What do we do for Her New Moon Festival (Wesir as Moon God dies and She mourns Him is what I’m thinking here, but all I have is the name and the fact that an ox was offered).

I’m just doing as much research as I possibly can and hopefully make something Aset is proud of.

Speaking of research on calendars, Tamara Siuda, spiritual leader of the House of Netjer, author and Egyptologist is going to write a book on her own research on the Ancient Egyptian calendars. Here is the blogpost about the project Ancient Egyptian Daybook Project.