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Musings on Cycles and Creation

Offerings are given so that the Gods’ Kau (vital essence) are fed and ours are fed when we partake of the physical offering after ritual. Eating, breathing, laughing, doing what we enjoy, sex, and creativity, beauty feed our Kau.

Replenishing creation with ritual and food is a sacred act. It is reciprocal creation with the Gods and people. It is an exchange of energy and the axiom “we give so You may give” applies here.

The world is made of cycles. Duality and complimentary opposites working together are one of the main themes in Egyptian myth. And so are cycles.

And cycles are important because anything that stagnates, dies. The solar cycle, the lunar cycle, the Nile cycle, the stellar cycle, the daily cycle and nightly cycle all renew creation and the Gods and humans and the dead.

All renewal brings back the emerging power of the First Time–all magic, all possibility, all power and all potential are in this moment. And this is what ritual does for us and what cleansing the ka does for us.

It brings us back to this moment where anything is possible. Our True Selves emerge here True-of-Voice. Our Star-Souls are held here and we behold creation with the Gods.

The sun emerges from the waters. Light penetrates the darkness. Daybreak fills creation with life.

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Prayer to Aset During Menses

Prayer to Aset During Menses
by TahekerutAset (JewelofAset)

Here is a prayer to be said when a woman is on her menses. To begin the informal rite, light a candle, offer incense or scent of any kind and give an offering of food or drink to Aset.

This prayer is for people who would like a little more structure to their religious life during menses. Some temples and some devotees observe a blood taboo which includes barring menstruating women from performing formal rituals such as Priest rites or formal daily rites. (for more on why see this post: Menstruation Taboo).

For this reason, you may want to create a small informal shrine to perform this rite.

During an Oracle session with Aset the Goddess shared with me that the menstrual cycle is the renewal of the ka of the person which mirrors the renewal of creation such as the sun rising and setting, the monthly phases of the moon and the appearing and departure of the Distant Goddess and the star Sopdet.

Bathe and dress in clean clothes of any kind and go before Aset’s shrine. Light a candle, incense or essential oil and place an offering on the shrine.

This is the Mystery of the Ka
This is the Mystery of the Mothers
I come before You, Great Aset, Mother of God
I come before You with offerings
Of flame, fragrance and food.
So that You may grant me
Health, Blessing and Renewal
May I be renewed
As Ra is renewed
As Sekhmet is renewed
As Wesir is renewed
As Earth and Heaven
are renewed
As You cleanse the ka with Your tears and flame
So too am I
During this time.

Thank Aset and give the offerings. Blow out the candles and incense. Eat the food offerings afterwards.

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Mysteries of Wesir

I’m re-posting this from a few weeks ago. The Mysteries of Wesir are fast approaching.

Some celebrate the Mysteries of Wesir during this time. Here is Devo’s ritual to observe this holiday: Osirian Mysteries: A Ritual

Here is a series of posts about the holiday by Rev. Tamara Siuda, Egyptologist, author and spiritual leader:
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Dua Wesir! Nekhtet!

Links from Rev. Raheriwesir, a Priest of Wesir within the House of Netjer:
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Author Kiya Nicoll has her own write-up about the Mysteries.
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Here is a copy of the Lamentations of Aset and Nebet Het which can be recited during this festival. Lamentations of Aset and Nebet Het.

The Lamentations are also available in The Ancient Egyptian Prayerbook by Tamara Siuda. The book is available in E-Book Paperback and Hardcover formats: E-Book: The Ancient Egyptian Prayerbook

Paperback: The Ancient Egyptian Prayerbook

Hardcover: The Ancient Egyptian Prayerbook

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I Speak Words of Magical Power

I Speak Words of Magical Power

by JewelofAset

Creation is maintained by Set and Myself.
We are the Gods that defend the Day.
We are the Ones who slay Ap-p.
We are the Ones who diminish its power.
We cause it to die.
Each Dawn.
Each Day.
Set strikes it with His harpoon.
I diminish its power
with My Magic.
My Words of Magic defeat it.
They are Words of creation.
One way of creating the World
was to speak it into Being.
I speak the Words that maintain it.
I speak the Words that stop Creation from being Un-made.
My Words of Magic are Words of Power.
My Words of Magic uphold Creation.
Do you understand, child?
My Words of Magic are the same Words that began Creation.
These are the Words I speak.
These are the Words of Magic.
These are the Words of My Mouth.
I speak and it becomes.
Creation is maintained.
Because of Me.
Because of Set.
Order and Chaos.
Broken and Mended.
He breaks and I mend.
I am the Word.
I am the Magic.
I am these Personified.
I am the Goddess of these things: both Words and Magical Power.
These I Mine to maintain.
These are My essence.
These are a part of Me.
And these are a part of All of Creation.
For everything is Named.
For everything has Heka.
For everything has Magical Power of the Ka.
I contain the Name of Creation.
I possess the Name of Ra.
And Set has His Name.
And I wield My Power.
Both of Us destroy the One Who is Unmade.
One of Us cannot do this task alone.
Set is chaos.
Set is disorder that brings about change.
Set breaks down that which cannot be maintained.
I am the Order of the Ancestors.
I am the Maker of Kings.
I am the holder of Lineages gone back generations.
I am the Foundation of Transformation.
Both of Us are necessary
for Creation to be maintained.
The Wheat must die to grow again.
One is broken down.
One is renewed.
This is My cycle as the Widow of Wesir.
This is Set’s cycle as the Disturber.
He destroys, while I renew.
I am the Widow.
I lost My husband, the only God to die.
This sorrow is a part of Who I am.
He is the Disturber.
He is the only God to take the life of another.
This is a part of who He is.
One who takes life and one who lost it.
Do you see why We are the Ones Who stand
before that which Destroys?
We value life more than any Other.
One who lost a Beloved.
One who slew the Beloved.
We are the most human of Gods.

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PBP2013: I is for Indigenous Goddess

This post was inspired by Galina Krasskova’s post here: We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Theories

Aset is a Goddess of ancient Egypt (Kemet to its people); she is a Goddess with Egyptian origins and Egyptian attributes. She is a Goddess of Kingship, Magic/Heka (life-power), authority and power, ancestral traditions, the dead, the fertility of the land, the Nile river and the rains, the sun, the star Sopdet, the Night Sky and its stars, and many more attributes. She is a multifaceted Goddess with many faces and many names.

She’s a complex Goddess. Many people first coming to Aset or Kemetic Religion may ask the question: “How do you know She is real?”

Many ancient cultures and indigenous religions would not fathom asking that question. They had an active community in perpetual right relationship with their Gods and Goddesses. And even if they went to other lands they honored those lands’ deities as well as their own. It was a part of creation that the deities were and are real.

The question isn’t “Is She real?”. Pondering their existence or lack thereof is irrelevant. One’s lack of belief or even my belief doesn’t make Her any less real. She is a Goddess: a sentient, independent, incorporeal entity. She exists whether or not I believe in Her. They are real. She is real. Now what? The question is “How do you maintain a good relationship with Her?”

Beginning a relationship with Aset or any deity, is like learning a new skill. It takes time and practice.

Make a shrine. Do a simple ritual. Light a candle. Light incense or essential oil. Give offerings.

Do this consistently. Once a day. Once a month. Once a week. Once a year, even. For this is the method of right relationship. This is how good relationships with Holy Powers are maintained.

And when this happens, blessings flow. The Goddess grants Her blessings to those who honor Her. And one’s life will be imbued with Her Presence.

And the question will become “How can I believe in Her? How can I not?”

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D is for Doing the Work

Doing the Work is mending your soul. Tears of the Nile flow. The Heart bursts into flames. These are the cleansers of the Ka.

These are what you need in order to re-new your soul.

Re-make yourself. Who do you want to be? Who are you now? Where do you wish to go from here?

This is not a list of facts. This is a state of being.

How does your Ka flow through your body? When can you breathe? When can’t you? Breathing means your Ka flows. Halted breath is a barrier in your energy-flow.

Breathe. Breath is a manifestation of your Ka. So is Desire. This is the life-force. This is what connects your souls.

This is where you need to re-build.

Breathe. Pray. Light Candles. Offer to Goddesses and Gods. Perform Ritual. Clean your home.

These will all help.

But to become who you are you must first breathe.

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A is for Authority

Authority is Power. Authority is magical power in motion. Heka is a form of Ka-force. It is in us and twirls within us. As we breathe, the Ka, the Magic (Heka) moves with us. It rejuvenates us. It renews us. It sustains us and our ancestors.

Aset is the Mistress of this Power. This power is the power of the Ka. The Ka is the vital power, the living essence of our ancestors going back to the Creator Gods; and this power is a part of our own soul.

This is Magic. This is Heka. This is the essence of Aset. This is the Magician. This is the Sorceress. This is the Healer. This is the Great of Magic. This is Her Power.

And this power needs to flow, needs to move. For this power is Ka-power in motion. This is the essence of magic. And this is why Aset is the Goddess of the ancestors and life-force and magical actions that bring about a result.

In order for Aset to renew Wesir, She used Her Heka. Wesir is the Pr-eminent ancestor. All dead are compared to Him for He alone is the God who went through their journey of death into new life in the Duat. And He alone understands what it means to die.

And Aset understands what it means to grieve. And this is another kind of death. Just as Wesir was broken and re-membered, Aset’s sorrow and transformed Her so She too could be renewed from Her tears. She had to face Herself in grief and despair and overcome it to become the Mother She needed to Be. She Herself was the broken One who became Whole. She is like Wesir and Heru-sa-Aset: both broken and mended, both injured and healed.

She has Her authority as Queen of the Dead and Lady of Magic. She pierces two Worlds–all worlds through Her magical prowess. She is the Goddess who knows Herself and owns Her power.

So all Magicians who call upon Aset would be wise to do these two things:

1) Honor Your Ancestors and Your Ka
2) Know Yourself in All Your parts