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Nephthys Devotional Update

I wanted to let everyone  know that I’m  still working on  the Nephthys devotional, She Who Speaks Through Silence: A Devotional Anthology of Nebet Het (Nephthys).  I am waiting on some submissions and Tamara Siuda’s  The Ancient  Egyptian Daybook to be published since  I  wanted to include as many festivals to Her in the book as possible (with credit and citations, of course!).

So far the sections I have are:

Ancient Hymns and Prayers


Ritual and  Magic (I only have  three things here.)

My Poetry to Nebet Het (over 40 poems)

My Poetry to Aset and Nebet  Het (about 30 poems)

Modern Hymns, Prayers and Adorations


And an  Epilogue of Epithet and Syncretization Lists

Also References and a Glossary

Contributor Biographies


Izzy (Isidora) helping me  with my Nebet Het research!
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Epithets of Nut

Epithets of Nut

  • At Whose Feet is Eternity
  • Brilliant One
  • Coffin
  • Coverer of Heaven
  • Daughter
  • Daughter of Shu
  • Dominates the Northern Sky
  • Effective One
  • Established One of Geb
  • Eye of Ra
  • Female Pig Who Eats Her Piglets
  • Goddess of the Sycamore Tree
  • Grand Horizon
  • Great
  • Great Being Who is in the World of the Dead
  • Great Divine Beloved Soul
  • Great Ihet-Cow Who Brings Ra into the Day
  • Great Lady
  • Great, Mother of God
  • Great One
  • Great Princess at the Birthplace
  • Great, Who Gave Birth to the Gods
  • Great Wild Cow
  • Heavenly Cow
  • In Whose Hand is the Always
  • Lady of Heaven
  • Lady of the Sycamore
  • Land of Your West
  • Lofty One
  • Mighty Goddess in the Womb of Your Mother Tefnut
  • Mighty One in Your Mother
  • Mistress of Big
  • Mistress of Heaven/the Sky
  • Mistress Over the Earth
  • Mother
  • Mother of All the Gods
  • Mother of God
  • Mother of God of the Gods and Goddesses
  • Mother of Heaven
  • Mother of Set
  • Mother of the Gods
  • Mother of the Stars
  • Mysterious One
  • One with a Thousand Souls
  • One Who Hears
  • Perfect Daughter
  • Powerful from Her Mother
  • Queen of All Gods and Goddesses
  • Sarcophagus
  • Scepter of the Sky
  • Sepulcher
  • She Who Bore the Gods
  • She Who Comes Out of the Arms of Aker
  • She Who Extends Her Arms
  • She Who Gives Birth to the Gods
  • She Who Gives Birth to Ra Everyday
  • Sky
  • Soul of the Brilliant One
  • Sovereign of All the Gods
  • She of the Braided Hair Who Bore the Gods
  • The Great
  • The Mighty
  • Uniter of the Two Lands of Geb
  • Uraeus Serpent
  • Veil of Heaven
  • Venerable One
  • Venerable and Powerful
  • Venerable in the Shrine-of-the-Venerable
  • Who Bore the Gods
  • Who Came into Being in the Sky
  • Who Counts the Days
  • Who Does Fill Every Place with Her Beauty
  • Who Gave Birth to the Gods
  • Who Gives Birth to the Gods
  • Who Gives Birth to the Rulers of the Country
  • Who Has Given Birth to All the Gods
  • Who is Crowned like the King of the North
  • Who is Mighty
  • Who is in the Mysterious Abyss
  • Who Protects the Son of Wesir
  • Who Rose in Splendor as the Bee
  • Who Shelters Him (Heru)
  • Who Spreadest Over Me
  • Whose Adornments are Among the Goddesses
  • You are Above Your Father Shu
  • You Have Encompassed the Earth, Everything is in Your Two Hands
  • You have United the Earth in Every Place


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