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I updated the festivals on the Calendar page here: Calendar.

While double checking my sources, I found that I missed a few festivals and was also mistaken about two more. So I added and removed festivals.

It is always good to double-check sources.

And also, the folks at Amentet Neferet have come out with some books on the Ancient Egyptian Calendar.

Here is their latest release: Egyptian Religious Calendar: Great Year of Ra CDXIV-CDXV 2014

There have previous version from 2013 here: Egyptian Religious Calendar 2013

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Hymn to Aset/Isis from Syene

I found this on this website: Amentet Neferet: Hymns and Prayers. I hope I can find the sources.

Hail Aset!

III Hymn to Isis from Her Temple at Syene

“O Princess, Daughter of Geb,
Ruler of the Merehu Bull (a form of Osiris),
Tjati (Prime Minister) Daughter of Thoth,
Beloved by the Ram,
Great of Favor,
Great of Praise,
Queen of Upper and Lower Egypt,
Lady of Grace,
Lady of all that is encircled by the Sun,
Queen of Upper and Lower Egypt,
Isis the Great, the Mother of the God,
First Royal Spouse of Osiris Onnophris Whose word is right and true,
Divine Mother of Horus, the King, the Mighty Bull.
You are the Beautiful and Perfect Goddess Who has giveng birth to the Victorious God,
She Who has initiated the Divine Birth of Her son,
the King of Kings, the Prince of Princes:
‘He is Ra!’ it will be said of Him, a King without equals.
In the Sanctuaries there are the cult images of Her elder brother Osiris, the Lord of the provinces,
and His sacred image is where the Gods are;
they come, jubilating, to Him,
He is their Lord, He Who accomplishes everything together with Horus,
and together with Her sister Isis, the guide of Horus without equals,
the beneficial Goddess Who accomplishes everything for Her elder brother.
May Your beautiful face be beneficial to the King of Upper and Lower Egypt,
Ptolemy IV ever living, beloved of Isis,
defend and protect Him!”

from the Temple of Isis at Syene

“Isis the Vanguard of the Army
Isis, more effective than a million soldiers,
Lady of Flame Who assaults the rebels (the rebels against Maat, the enemies of the Gods)
Lady of Battle Who fought on the River of the Two Lands to overthrown the enemies (the enemies of the Gods are the enemies of the King, Horus on Earth).

Isis Mightier that the Mighty, Stronger than the Strong,
Who smites millions by cutting off their heads,
great of massacre against Her enemy.”

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Aset from Nut

Has anyone found any information about Nut’s worship influencing Aset’s or vice versa?

Aset has many attributes shared with both Nut and Hetharu: Lady of the Sycamore, Tree Goddess, Lady of the West (Amenti), Eye of Ra, Giving Birth to Ra at Dawn and Creation, Celestial Cow Goddess, Mehet Weret, etc.

Whenever I ask Her, Aset tells me that most of these attributes She inherited from Her Mother Nut (not Hetharu). I’m not sure about Hetharu-Nut, however.

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Proklos’ Hymn to Athena

Here is Elani Temperance’s post about this Hymn to Athena. Proklos’ Hymn to Athena

Hymn to Athena
by Proklos (8 February 412 AD to 17 April 485 AD)

Daughter of ægis-bearing Jove, divine,
Propitious to thy vot’ries prayer incline;
From thy great father’s fount supremely bright,
Like fire resounding, leaping into light.
Shield-bearing goddess, hear, to whom belong
A manly mind, and power to tame the strong!
Oh, sprung from matchless might, with joyful mind
Accept this hymn; benevolent and kind!
The holy gates of wisdom by thy hand
Are wide unfolded; and the daring band
Of earth-born giants, that in impious fight
Strove with thy fire, were vanquish’d by thy might.
Once by thy care, as sacred poets sing,
The heart of Bacchus, swiftly-slaughter’d king,
Was sav’d in æther, when, with fury fir’d,
The Titans fell against his life conspir’d;
And with relentless rage and thirst for gore,
Their hands his members into fragments tore:
But ever watchful of thy father’s will,
Thy pow’r preserv’d him from succeeding ill,
Till from the secret counsels of his sire,
And born from Semele through heav’nly fire,
Great Dionysius to the world at length
Again appear’d with renovated strength.
Once, too, thy warlike axe, with matchless sway,
Lopp’d from their savage neck the heads away
Of furious beasts, and thus the pests destroy’d
Which long all-seeing Hecate annoy’d.
By thee benevolent great Juno’s might
Was rous’d, to furnish mortals with delight:
And through life’s wide and various range ’tis thine
Each part to beautify with arts divine:
Invigorated hence by thee, we find
A demiurgic impulse in the mind.
Towers proudly rais’d, and for protection strong,
To thee, dread guardian, deity belong,
As proper symbols of th’ exalted height
Thy series claims amidst the courts of light.
Lands are belov’d by thee to learning prone,
And Athens, O Athena, is thy own!
Great goddess, hear! and on my dark’ned mind
Pour thy pure light in measure unconfin’d;—
That sacred light, O all-protecting queen,
Which beams eternal from thy face serene:
My soul, while wand’ring on the earth, inspire
With thy own blessed and impulsive fire;
And from thy fables, mystic and divine,
Give all her powers with holy light to shine.
Give love, give wisdom, and a power to love,
Incessant tending to the realms above;
Such as, unconscious of base earth’s control,
Gently attracts the vice-subduing soul;
From night’s dark region aids her to retire,
And once more gain the palace of her sire:
And if on me some just misfortune press,
Remove th’ affliction, and thy suppliant bless.
All-saving goddess, to my prayer incline!
Nor let those horrid punishments be mine
Which guilty souls in Tartarus confine,
With fetters fast’ned to its brazen floors,
And lock’d by hell’s tremendous iron doors.
Hear me, and save (for power is all thy own)
A soul desirous to be thine alone.

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Mysteries of Wesir

I’m re-posting this from a few weeks ago. The Mysteries of Wesir are fast approaching.

Some celebrate the Mysteries of Wesir during this time. Here is Devo’s ritual to observe this holiday: Osirian Mysteries: A Ritual

Here is a series of posts about the holiday by Rev. Tamara Siuda, Egyptologist, author and spiritual leader:
God is Dead: Thoughts About the Mysteries of Wesir (Osiris)
Advance with Your Ka: Mystery Vigil
Stirring in the Third Hour: Mysteries of Wesir
Water for the Dead: Mysteries of Wesir
Mysteries of Wesir: Fifth Hour Vigil
Dua Wesir! Nekhtet!

Links from Rev. Raheriwesir, a Priest of Wesir within the House of Netjer:
Day One
Day Two
Day Three
Day Four
Day Five

Author Kiya Nicoll has her own write-up about the Mysteries.
Here: Mysteries of Wesir

Links from Isidora Forrest, author and Priestess of Isis:
Bewailing Osiris: Lamentation Magic
The Corn Osiris of Isis Oasis

Here is a copy of the Lamentations of Aset and Nebet Het which can be recited during this festival. Lamentations of Aset and Nebet Het.

The Lamentations are also available in The Ancient Egyptian Prayerbook by Tamara Siuda. The book is available in E-Book Paperback and Hardcover formats: E-Book: The Ancient Egyptian Prayerbook

Paperback: The Ancient Egyptian Prayerbook

Hardcover: The Ancient Egyptian Prayerbook

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Rest in Peace Lady Olivia Durdin-Robertson

Lady Olivia Durdin-Robertson has passed away. She was the founder of the International, mutli-religious, Goddess-centered organization, the Fellowship of Isis. I always admired her for her dedication and her years of work for the Gods and Goddesses. She was a mystic, a Priestess and a great liturgist. I had hoped to meet her in person one day, but now that won’t be possible. She inspired me many years ago to follow Aset. May she rest peacefully on the other side enfolded in the wings of the Goddess Aset-Isis.

Here is her biography: Biography of Lady Olivia Durdin-Robertson

And here is a tribute: Tribute to Lady Olivia Durdin-Robertson

Tamara Siuda’s blog post about the passing of Lady Olivia: Nothing That is Original Can Perish: Lady Olivia Durdin-Robertson 1917-2013

Galina Krasskova’s blog post about Lady Olivia’s passing: An Elder Passes: Lady Olivia Durdin-Robertson 1917-2013

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Poem: We Did Not Go Quietly

We did not go quietly into the Night
We did not go quietly
Husbands killed sons
Mothers killed daughters
Wives and husbands
Sisters and brothers
All slain for the sake of One God
Blood spilled
while temples were desecrated
Shrines dismantled
Or re-purposed for a New Religion
It brings shame on any
who disrespect any God or any Goddess
It does not matter if They are yours
All Gods deserve honor
All Goddesses deserve honor
All Holy Powers deserve honor
Just as people do
Respect the Holy Powers of others
Respect the Holy Powers of yourself or your kin
Blessings flow to those who give respect
Blessings flow to those who act with honor
Respect the Holy Powers
Respect yourself
Act with dignity
Act with elegance
Respect yourself enough to respect all Gods