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Rest in Peace Lady Olivia Durdin-Robertson

Lady Olivia Durdin-Robertson has passed away. She was the founder of the International, mutli-religious, Goddess-centered organization, the Fellowship of Isis. I always admired her for her dedication and her years of work for the Gods and Goddesses. She was a mystic, a Priestess and a great liturgist. I had hoped to meet her in person one day, but now that won’t be possible. She inspired me many years ago to follow Aset. May she rest peacefully on the other side enfolded in the wings of the Goddess Aset-Isis.

Here is her biography: Biography of Lady Olivia Durdin-Robertson

And here is a tribute: Tribute to Lady Olivia Durdin-Robertson

Tamara Siuda’s blog post about the passing of Lady Olivia: Nothing That is Original Can Perish: Lady Olivia Durdin-Robertson 1917-2013

Galina Krasskova’s blog post about Lady Olivia’s passing: An Elder Passes: Lady Olivia Durdin-Robertson 1917-2013


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