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Goddesses of Creation

Goddesses of Creation

by Chelsea Luellon Bolton

Note: ThisĀ  will be published in She Speaks Through Silence.

Aset is the North Wind and West Wind,

Nebet Het is the East Wind

She is your breath;

She is there as you breathe,

As you speak,

As you sing,

As you wail,

As you scream,

She is there with you in joy and sorrow.

Breathe and She is with you.

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Musings on Cycles and Creation

Offerings are given so that the Gods’ Kau (vital essence) are fed and ours are fed when we partake of the physical offering after ritual. Eating, breathing, laughing, doing what we enjoy, sex, and creativity, beauty feed our Kau.

Replenishing creation with ritual and food is a sacred act. It is reciprocal creation with the Gods and people. It is an exchange of energy and the axiom “we give so You may give” applies here.

The world is made of cycles. Duality and complimentary opposites working together are one of the main themes in Egyptian myth. And so are cycles.

And cycles are important because anything that stagnates, dies. The solar cycle, the lunar cycle, the Nile cycle, the stellar cycle, the daily cycle and nightly cycle all renew creation and the Gods and humans and the dead.

All renewal brings back the emerging power of the First Time–all magic, all possibility, all power and all potential are in this moment. And this is what ritual does for us and what cleansing the ka does for us.

It brings us back to this moment where anything is possible. Our True Selves emerge here True-of-Voice. Our Star-Souls are held here and we behold creation with the Gods.

The sun emerges from the waters. Light penetrates the darkness. Daybreak fills creation with life.

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Netjeru in Nature

Someone asked on a forum about honoring the Netjeru in nature. Here is my response.

Any of the Netjeru can be honored in nature. Ra especially since He is the sun. I tell Him hi sometimes when I go outside.

Nature and animals are the manifestations (ba or pl. bau) of the Gods Themselves. It is perfectly fine to honor the Gods within the natural forces. Set is the thunderstorm, Ra is the sun and it’s Rays, Sun Goddesses are the sunbeams, Tefnut is the moisture of the clouds, Geb is the ground, Shu is the air and many Gods are the rivers. Aset is the rain, the river and the solar rays.

The Gods are not just in Their shrines. They are everywhere. They permeate all existence. This is Their creation and They live and breathe as we do.

Breathe and you are worshiping God. Ra’s first breath is the air that we breathe, Ra’s first light is in every sunrise and Ra’s first emergence is from the first waters. Ra’s first tear is humankind.

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Aset, Lady of the West

As I was sitting in shrine tonight, I was staring at all the shrines with their candles lit and their offerings laid out.

I thought of Aset as She is my Spiritual Mother. The specific Aset I get is as Aset Amenti or Aset as Lady of the West. And I’m finding a few things out about this Goddess that I didn’t know before. Lady of the West is a title of many Goddesses: Nut, Hethert, Nebet Het and Aset, Herself. As I thought about this I thought about separate experiences with Aset-Hethert, Aset-Nut, and Aset-Nebet Het.

It is strange because I have been told by a friend that Aset Amenti sounds like Aset as Nebet Het as She speaks.

The Lady of the West here encompasses more than just the Dead for Me.
I am the Queen of Heaven.
I am the Goddess of the Stars at night.
I am the Star shining a light through darkness.
I guide and lead the Dead.
I counsel and care for the Living.
I am Hethert. I am Nut.
I am with My Sister, here.
I am Aset Amenti.
I am Aset as Nebet Het who is Aset.
This is who I am, child.
I am Aset all the time and yet,
I encompass more than you can imagine.
Yes, Nebet Het is My sister.
Yet, I am Her and She is Me.
This is a Mystery.
Let it unfold.