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Goddesses of Creation

Goddesses of Creation

by Chelsea Luellon Bolton

Note: This  will be published in She Speaks Through Silence.

Aset is the North Wind and West Wind,

Nebet Het is the East Wind

She is your breath;

She is there as you breathe,

As you speak,

As you sing,

As you wail,

As you scream,

She is there with you in joy and sorrow.

Breathe and She is with you.

She is the Sky above you

She is Mehet Weret

The Starry Heavens, the Night-time sky

The Dusk and Dawn are Her domains

As the Star Goddess and Lady of Night

She is the Celestial Cow

She is the Creator and Mother of Ra

She is Aset

She is Nebet Het

She is the Mother of All the Gods


She is the Nile

And the water you drink

She is the rain which pours down from Heaven

She is the rainfall

She is the downpour

She is the storm

She is the water which nourishes all living things

She is the water of creation which sustains life

She is Mehet Weret, She is Nut

She is Nit, She is Nunet

She is Aset

She is Nebet Het


She is the Tree

She is the Earth beneath your feet

Her father dwells there and Her husband

As the land is the realm of Geb

As the dead are laid to rest here

So Wesir is here as their King

And the Lady of the Sycamore

Nourishes the deceased with water and fruit

She is Amenti, the Lady of the West

She is Aset, the Queen of the Underworld

She is Nebet Het, the Queen of the Underworld

And She is the earth which bestows its bounty

As the rainfall nourishes the crops, the plants and animals

And land below

She is here as the Lady of the Harvest

The Lady of Flowers and the Lady of Animals

And the Goddess of the Dead


She is Sunlight

She is flame

In the darkest hour

Look to the stars and bask in the starlight

Look to the solar rays and bask in their light

She is the Eye of Ra

She is the Solar Goddess

She is the Lady of Dusk

She is the Lady of Dawn

She is the Lioness, the Cobra and the Leopard

She is the fire in your eyes

And the star in your soul

As joy and rage flow through you

She is here in your rage

She is here in your joy

And She is here to carry you through

She is here as the Lady of Fortitude

She is here as the Lady of Strength

She is the Leopard

She is the Lioness

She is Nebet Het

She is Aset

She is the roar which speaks your name

Listen to the words of the Lioness

Listen to the words of the Leopard:

You are strong enough,

Did We not make you?

Did We not mold you in Our tears?

You people are Our creations just as much as Our Father’s.

The Tears of Ra made humankind

The Eyes of Ra made humankind

And once you were formed,

Did We not love you?

Did We not give you magic?

Did We not give you life?

Look all around you, child.

Creation is Our gift

Life is Our gift

We are all around you

In every facet of your world

In every breath, in every drop of water

In every tree, in every light

In every land,

We are always there

We are always with you

We are woven through the tapestry

Of your life

Know these four things:

Our love is eternal

Our strength is with you

Our magic is in you

And you are never alone.