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Set, Lord of the Oasis Oracle

For the actual day of the Feast of Set, Lord of the Oasis.

Fiercely Bright One

500px-Set.svg by Jeff Dahl

Set, Lord of the Oasis Oracle

by JewelofAset

Set,  Lord of the Oasis

This is My message:

The People need Me.

in their divination system

I am their Oasis Lord

I am the God of the Countryside

I am the God of the Land

I am the Oasis Lord

I am the God of Crocodiles and Snakes

I ward off evil

I slay the Serpent Enemy of the Gods

I wear the Double Crown,

with the Head of the Hawk

I am Lord of the Oasis

Call on Me

Through Oracles

Through Divination

Through Ritual

Through Praise

Call on Me

During My Festival

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