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Current Works-in-Progress

Hopefully To be Published in 2017

I  have sent in the permissions for Lady of the Sky: Ancient Hymns for Aset from the Temple of Dendera.  We’ll see what they say.  I’m still waiting.

I have been compiling all the material for this book She Who Speaks Through Silence:  An Anthology of Nebet Het (Nephthys).  I am still waiting on some submissions.  Here are  the submission guidelines: Nebet Het Submission Guidelines

A Devotional for Ra and His Daughters:  Solar Flares and Sunbeams.  Here are the submission guidelines:  Ra and His Family Devotional

Future Projects

A third hymnal and an anthology for Aset/Isis.  I don’t have a working title yet.

Maybe a  hymnal or devotional for  Sekhmet/Sekhmet-Mut.  I have to check on some permissions.  The tentative title is Lioness Goddess, Lioness Queen: An Anthology/Hymnal for Sekhmet.

I am working on a poetry book for the Ancient Egyptian deities, tentatively called  Suns, Stars and Desert Sands: Poems for Ancient Egyptian Deities.

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Advice from Hethert


By Jeff Dahl.  Creative Commons  License.

Here is some advice I received from Hethert (Hathor):

How do I bring more joy into my life?

Answer:  Do what you love for no other reason than it brings you joy.  Read.  Write.  Watch TV.  Paint.  Sculpt.  Create music.  Make love.  Go for a run or walk.  Walk your dog.  Play with your cat. Ride a bike.  Visit a friend.  Visit a loved one.  Call or text someone you care for.  Know  that you are not alone.

In your struggles.  In your pain.  In any of this.  None of you are alone.

Call out to Hethert, the Mistress of Joy.

And  She will bring you joy.

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Wepwawet Update

Lord Strength Power ebookcoverI ordered the proof copy of Lord of  Strength and Power: Ancient Hymns for  Wepwawet.

Here  is  what the back blurb says:

Presented here is a collection of ancient hymns for the ancient Egyptian god, Wepwawet.  He is a scout, guide and guard.  He is a god of strength, a guide for travelers, a protector of kings, a protector of cemeteries, a protector of Osiris and a son of Isis.  He leads the way in war, ritual processions, the path of the sun’s journey and the path of the soul through the Underworld.  He is associated with jackals, dogs, wolves and greyhounds.

Within, Lord of Strength and Power, you will find:

  • Hymns and Prayers from the city of Asyut
  • Hymns from the cities of Abydos and Karnak
  • A list of His Names and Titles
  • A Festival Calendar

Chelsea Bolton has a BA and a MA in Religious Studies from the University of South Florida (2009).  She is the author of Lady of Praise, Lady of Power: Ancient Hymns of the Goddess Aset and Queen of the Road:  Poetry of the Goddess Aset.  Her poetry has been previously published in various anthologies.  You can read more of her work at her blog address: