Lord of the Ways

Lord of the Ways: An Anthology for Wepwawet

edited by Chelsea Luellon Bolton

Cover Design by Jennifer W.

This is an anthology for the ancient Egyptian god, Wepwawet.  He is a scout, guide and guard.  He is a scout for hunters and armies, a guide for travelers, a protector of cemeteries and a son of Isis and Osiris.  He leads the way in war, ritual processions, the path of the sun’s journey and the path of the soul through the Underworld.  He is associated with jackals, dogs, wolves and greyhounds.

He is the god who hears and answers prayers.  He is a beloved god who guides, guards and protects His devotees.

In Lord of the Ways, you will find:

  • Essays
  • Ritual, Prayers and Poetry
  • Artwork
  • Festival Calendar
  • Epithets

Paperback: Lord of the Ways

Kindle: Lord of the Ways