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Aset, Mistress of Magic and Knowledge

There was a small room in temples set aside for the scrolls that were used for daily ritual or for other functions of the temple. These places were called Pr Md3t or “House of the Papyrus Rolls” or Pr Md3t Pr ‘3 “House of the Papyrus Rolls of the Great House/Palace”.

Some deities were said to be patrons of these areas. Some you’d expect like Seshat, Mistress of the Library, Who Loosens Impurity or Djehuty who was the inventor of writing and patron of scribes. Khnum, Wesir, Heru, and Aset are listed as well.

“Aset is the Mistress of Magic, the magic infused in knowledge as it helps heal and even revive, as Aset did when She revived Wesir to conceive their child Heru who inherited the knowledge of His Mother and benefited from Her infinite protection. As for Wesir Himself, he is the one who taught mankind civilization when he was ruling upon Earth.”

Haikal, Fayza M. “Private Collections and Temple Libraries in Ancient Egypt,” in What Happened to the Ancient Library of Alexandria?. Mostafa A. El-Abbadi and Omnia M. Fathallah, ed. (Brill Academic Publishers, 2008), 44 and 45-46.

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Aset in a Elephantine Papyrus

It is impious behavior to steal the offerings of the Gods. Here is one instance in which one person stole the wine of Aset and Nebet Het as They were mourning Wesir and pouring libations out to His Ka. He drank it during the Mysteries of Wesir celebration on 21 of Khoiak.

He drank wine from the vessel that was to be poured out to the Nisut and Wesir Wennefer. This is seen as a taboo to the Goddess Aset because he basically stole from the offerings during the libations to Aset and Nebet Het as they are mourning during the Mysteries of Wesir.

it basically states in the footnotes that the person is drunk.

What we can take away from this is:

1) Don’t get drunk during ritual. It is beyond rude to the Gods, yourself and the other participants.

2) Don’t take offerings of the Gods. Don’t steal from Them. And definitely don’t drink what is meant to be poured out onto the ground (a libation of wine in this case).


Bezalel Porten, ed. The Elephantine Papyri in English: Three Millennia of Cross-Cultural Continuity and Change. (Brill Academic Publishers, 1996), 341.

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Sobek Festivals

Here are some of Sobek’s Festivals listed in the article about Sobek’s Temple in the Fayum: Soknopaiou Nêsos.

7 Hathyr
Birth of Sobek, the Great God (19 days)

8 Tybi
Festival of the Foundation of the Temple of the God Sobek (7 days)

2 Phamenoth
Festival of the Foundation of the Enclosure of the Great God Sobek (7 days)

21 Payni
Festival of the Foundation of the Temple of the God Sobek (7 days)


Capron, Laurent. “Déclarations fiscales du Temple de Soknopaiou Nêsos: éléments nouveaux,” in Zeitschrift für Papyrologie und Epigraphik. Bd. 165, Dr. Rudolf Habelt GmbH, Bonn (Germany). (2008), pp. 133-160.

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Calendar Updated and New Article

I have updated the Calendar section with more Aset Festivals! Here is the link: Calendar

Here is one of the sources for the new batch of festivals I just put up (Aset’s are on pages 142-143). There are also great festivals for Sobek; if anyone is interested the Sobek festivals are on pages 142-143: Capron, Laurent. “Déclarations fiscales du Temple de Soknopaiou Nêsos: éléments nouveaux,” in Zeitschrift für Papyrologie und Epigraphik. Bd. 165, Dr. Rudolf Habelt GmbH, Bonn (Germany). (2008), pp. 133-160.

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Set Oracle: Build a Community

Set Oracle: Build a Community
by Chelsea B.

Listen, kid.
We don’t care about your petty problems.
We don’t give a damn if you are upset at Us.
We are stronger than that.
We have more pride in you than you realize..
We have more faith in you than you realize.
But you keep letting Us down.
What kind of community is this?
You bicker.
You Fight.
Not with swords, but with words.
And they cut just as deep.
What the Hell are you doing?
Look, kid.
We don’t care if you lost your remote and are too lazy to get off the couch to get it.
Those are minor details.
Those are minor things.
You all sit like fucking couch potatoes, dithering over meaningless details.
What have you done today to help your fellow man or woman?
Have you fed the poor?
Have you fed your Ka?
Have you aided another?
Then shut up.
Get up off your lazy butt and do something important.
Quit sitting there wasting time.
You don’t have anymore left.
Get to work.
Build a community that can last.
Right now? You suck.
Build a community that can last.
And withstand Me.
Then you will make something that can last as long as the ancestors did.
Then you can make something worthy of the Mistress of the Throne.

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Stand By You

Stand by You
by Chelsea B.

You have got to take responsibility for your own lives.
We can’t do everything.
We can do so many things.
We can help so many ways.
But there are things We cannot control.
Just as you cannot, dear child.
You cannot control others.
We cannot control you.
You choose.
You decide.
You make your own fate, with your decisions.
Good or ill.
Beneficial or not.
You decide.
There are things you can control in your life.
And things you cannot control.
This is still your life.
How will you live today?
Is it with the Gods standing by your side?
Or will you decide that We are responsible for your own mistakes?
Or the misfortune that has befallen you?
We will stand by you, dear child.
We will stand by you.
Offer to Us.
Pray to Us.
And We will do Our best to help in your situation.
But remember, dear child,
What you ask for, we will give.
So make sure you want it.

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Forms of Aset/Isis at Alexandria

Forms Worshiped in Alexandria
Isis Pharia
Isis Sopdet/Sothis
Isis Plousia
Isis Myrionymos
Isis Menuthis
Isis Nanaia (of Nabana in the Fayum)
Nanaion (a festival?) at Alexandria may be for Her.

Isis Nepherses and Isis Nephremmis was at Soknopaios Nesos in Nilopolis in the Fayum.

Isis Rhodosternos at Hiera Sykaminos

Isis and Osiris-Sarapis at Kysis

Milne, Joseph Grafton. A History of Egypt under Roman Rule. (Charles Scribner’s Sons, 1898), 143-144.

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Aset’s Festivals for April

Here are Aset’s Festivals during the month of April:

1 Shomu/Pachons/April

12-Marriage Contract of Aset
20-Panegyric of Aset (Greek/Roman)
25 of April-Festival and Sacrifice to Isis Pharia and Serapis (Greek/Roman)

During the Marriage Contract of Aset Festival you could honor Aset as the wife of Wesir and possibly include Wesir in their celebrations.

Panegyric means “paean” or “praise speech” so for this festival you could read Hymns or Epithets to praise the Goddess.

Isis Pharia or “Aset of the Pharos Lighthouse” was worshiped on the Pharos Island in Alexandria, Egypt during the Later Periods. The Isis Pharia for the Greeks and Romans of the city would honor Her as a Goddess of navigation and ships. If one wanted more Kemetic associations with this festival, then perhaps using the imagery of water and light illuminating the way in darkness would be useful. That’s what Lighthouses do; they make certain that people on ships make it to shore safely. Make offerings to Isis Pharia and Serapis or Aset and Wesir today. I would recommend lighting candles or lamps to represent the light from the Lighthouse.