What is My Perfect Day?

What is My Perfect Day?  This is the question that Molly Greene has asked on her blog and I feel the need to answer.  So I am.  (I know it is an old post…)

The perfect day.  The perfect life.  What is this flower above me and what is the work of this God? I would know myself in all my parts.  (A Feri prayer called the Flower Prayer).  This is asking for the God-soul to reveal your True Desire to you.  I find it very powerful.

So what do I desire?  What life do I want for myself?  I’d start off with not hating myself so much and that I’d love myself more.

I’d start off with being able to eat in the morning and not feel sick to my stomach.  I’ve been sick for awhile so these feel like luxuries.  I desire to surround myself with food that is both nutritious and food that I love to eat.

I’d also like to be able to afford things.  I would like a little more money so I’m not so strapped for cash.

I’d like to have all or most of my projects done in a reasonable amount of time.  I have many books to write.  And I’d like to publish them.

I’d like a more efficient way to clean my apartment, especially my floors.

I’d like to honor my Gods and Goddesses without getting exhausted or overwhelmed.

So I guess my goals from this are:

  • Working on my book projects
  • Efficient methods of cleaning my home
  • Spend money wisely and save when I can
  • Buy food that is healthy and something I will eat
  • Honor my deities in a respectful, elegant and yet simple way


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Oracles of Wepwawet

Oracles of Wepwawet


I am the scout who opens the way
I am the baying hound nipping at your heels
I am the wolf howling at the moon
I am the jackal scurrying in the cemetery
I am in all these places and more
I am in every doorway, every window, every exit or entrance
I am in things that cannot be seen by the naked eye
I come into the world and leave quickly
For I am the Gatekeeper


Who is This God?

Who is This God?
Standing at the Gate
Who is This God?
Escorting the Recently Departed
Who is This God?
That howls as a Wolf
As a Jackal
Calling through the Desert
Among the Graves
Who is This God?
Opening the Way
For the Sun to Rise
For the Deceased to Be Reborn
Anew, On the Horizon
Within the Sky
Who is This God?
That calls to me from the Gate?

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Lady of Praise Update, Nebet Het and Roses

If you missed it, here is my post about my upcoming book, Lady of Praise, Lady of Power: Ancient Hymns of the Goddess Aset.   Okay, so I was formatting the hardcover book and I finally gave up.  I have some professional people formatting the paperback and ebook versions of the book.  They will be done by the end of next week.

Then I will have to get the cover re-sized and such.  This may take another week.  I’m not sure yet.  Then I have to order proof copies and make sure all is well before final publication.

This may all take another month or two.

So on to my next book.  The Nebet Her Devotional is still seeking submissions.  Here is the link to the submission guidelines:  Nebet Het Devotional Guidelines.

Also, it is the 6th day (out of 13)  of the Rhodophoria/Rosalia Festival (at least on my calendar)!  Happy Festival of Roses!

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Lady of Praise, Lady of Power…the Aset Hymnal

aset hymnal cover
by Andrew Meitz. Art by Barbara Richter.

The Aset Hymnal is almost complete!  I am almost done with four years worth of research, translating and other work involved with creating a book.  The book will be titled Lady of Praise, Lady of Power:  Ancient Hymns of the Goddess Aset. 

The book in question is a compilation of ancient hymns to the Goddess Aset from various temples and papyri.  I’ve translated much of the material from French and German, but other Egyptologists (or their publishers) have also graciously allowed me to include their work in this compilation.

The temple with the largest amount of material included is from the Temple of Philae with about 100 or so hymns.   Other hymns come from the Temples of Behbeit el Hagara (Isiopolis), Aswan, Esna and Edfu.  Other material included comes from the Book of the Dead, various Demotic papyri and various other sources.  Also included is a festival calendar, epithets list, an extensive bibliography and a glossary.

I am currently formatting the hardcover version of the book.  I hope to also have a paperback version and a PDF version available for purchase.

If anyone has any questions or feedback please comment below.