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Frigga and Mothers’ Night and Yule

Mothers’ Night (Modranecht) is a holiday celebrating the Mothers, a group of ancestral, prosperity and abundance-giving goddesses called the Disir or Matronae.  This celebration was on eve or day of the Winter Solstice. Frigga is also honored on the 12 Days of Yule along with other Northern European Gods and Goddesses.

Frigga (Frigg) is associated with the Disir/Matronae and is honored on this night.  (Freyja can also be honored here too,  but this is about Frigga, so).

Frigga (Frigg) is the Germanic Goddess of the home, hearth, family, childbirth, weaving, spinning, craft-work, artisans, wisdom, folk magic and fate. She is the Queen of Asgard, First of the Goddesses, Mother of the Gods, Queen of Heaven, Wife of Odin, and Mother of Baldr.  She is a seeress as well and is the only one besides Odin himself who can sit on Hlidskjalf and see throughout all the Nine Realms.

She is also the Goddess of the Ancestral Mothers (Disir) and Norns.  She weaves the clouds and thus, the weather. She is the Goddess of the Orion’s Belt.

Blessed Mothers’ Night (Modranecht)! Blessed Yule!


I have published an anthology for Frigga which can be found here:  Queen of the Hearth: An Anthology for Frigga

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Holy Mother, Healer and Queen is published!

Holy Mother Healer Queen ebook

Presented here is a collection of scholarly essays on various Goddesses, Orisha and Saints.

In Holy Mother, Healer and  Queen,  you will find essays on:

  • Oya
  • Yemoja (Yemaya)
  • Kali
  • Kwan Yin
  • Frigga
  • Skadhi
  • Freyja
  • Mary
  • Women’s Healing and Qur’anic Talismanry


Purchase Paperback from Lulu here:  Holy Mother, Healer and Queen

Purchase PDF from Lulu here:  Holy Mother, Healer and Queen

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Hail the Summer Sun!

A Blessed Summer Solstice to everyone! I’m honoring Aset as the Solar Eye for this festival along with Sekhmet-Mut for the Egyptian pantheon. Some friends are coming over to celebrate. We’ll offer our feast (also known as dinner) to Them and other offerings such as wines, tea, pastries, cookies and candles lit upon all the shrines so they blaze as fiercely bright as the summer sky.

Since this is also Midsummer Festival for the Northern Gods of Scandinavia and other Germanic Lands, I’ll also be honoring Frigga and other Northern Gods in my home. I’ll offer wines and tea and the others can bring their offerings for Them as well.

Hail the Gods and Goddesses of Egypt!

Hail the Gods and Goddesses of the Northern Lands.

May offerings be laid upon the shrines.
May prayers be spoken and heard.
May songs be sung in praise.
May blessings flow.
May the light shine brightly, fiercely glowing in our eyes and hearts.

I’m reminded that the only time our eyes glow is when we are smiling.

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May Day or Walpurgisnacht

May Day was today so I gave my Northern Gods some offerings. Today I gave a glass of Riesling Wine, water and some bread to Frigga, red wine to Odin and Riesling Wine to Freyja. I gave Idunna a glass of red wine and Bragi a glass of Chardonnay. I gave Hela some red wine as well.

And by “glass” here I mean former candle holders that I re-purposed for small shot glasses. I also moved the Odin shrine (statue, offering and necklace) to Frigga’s shrine in the kitchen. I felt compelled to do that; I’m not sure if that was due to the holiday or for some other reason. So we’ll see if I move Him back to where He was before.

Hail the ancestors! Hail the Gods and Goddesses!

Blessed May Day everyone!

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Link: A Southern Girl’s Guide to Hospitality

This is a great article guiding the beginner on how to interact with the Holy Powers. I highly recommend it! Just a note: she uses the word “Kindred” for “Gods, Goddesses, Spirits, Ancestors, etc”.

A Southern Girl’s Guide to Hospitality

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New BA Devotional: Mantle of Stars

mantle of stars

I have a few poems published in this devotional dedicated to the Queen of Heaven. The Publications page has been updated.

Here is a page about the devotional: A Mantle of Stars: A Devotional for the Queen of Heaven

To purchase this item from the Bibliotheca Alexandrina store: A Mantle of Stars: A Devotional for the Queen of Heaven

To purchase this item from Amazon: A Mantle of Stars: A Devotional for the Queen of Heaven

Freyja, Names and Epithets

PBP2013: F is for Freyja’s Titles

Freyja’s Titles

Vanadis–Lady of the Vanir or Dis of the Vanir
Heidr–Bright One
Mardoll–One Who Makes the Sea Swell
Most Glorious of the Asynjur
Most Glorious of the Goddesses
Highest in Rank Next to Frigga
Bride of the Vanir
Goddess of the Vanir
Wife of Od
Sister of Freyr
Daughter of Njord
Mother of Hnoss
Possessor of the Fallen Slain and of Sessrumnir
Of Brisingamen
Van-Lady or Lady of the Vanir
Fair Tear Deity
Holy Being
Noble Lady
Priestess of the Vanir
Beautiful Sun

Queen of Folkvangr
Queen of Sessrumnir
Lady of the Brisingamen
Golden Lady
Lady of Wealth
Lady of Prosperity
Lady of Beauty
Lady of Magic
Witch Queen
Death Goddess
Lady of Desire
Sexual Goddess
Goddess of Sex
Goddess of the Disir
Lady of Battle
Goddess of Sovereignty
Warrior Queen
Beautiful Lady
Goddess of Power
Goddess of War
Goddess of Unmarried Women
Goddess of Women
Cunning Lady
Mistress of Felines
Lady of Odin
Lady of Childbirth
Lady of Seidr
Lady of Ritual Sacrifice
Lady of Power
Lady of Magical Power
Goddess of Fertility
Lady of Fire
Fierce Goddess
Fierce as Fire
Lady of Gold
Lady of Amber
Lady of Love
Lady of Tears of Gold
Lady of Tears of Amber
Lady of the Boar
Lady of the Falcon Cloak
Lady of Mysteries
Seidkona of the Gods and Goddesses
Lady of the Northern Lights

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